Saturday, June 24, 2006

War Tax

Here's an idea for you. How about a war tax. We are spending 2 billion a week in Iraq. This is borrowed money. Largely from the Chinese. Do we want to give all our money to the Chinese? Do we want to leave a debt to our children. That's not very adult behavior is it?
The right always crows about being fiscally responsible. Let's see how responsible they want to be for this war. Whatever percentage of the national budget the war effort and homeland security takes we tax by the same amount every person and corporation. If it is one or two percent it is an additional one to two percent tax on everyone and every corporation. Keep this money separate to pay for the occupation, the war on terror and homeland security. Let's make sure everyone is aware of the costs of the plan, whatever it may be.
Let's also roll back the tax cuts that were in effect or extended when we entered a debt situation. Once we are out of debt we should reconsider the cuts. Cuts for all who work everyday and not just the few.
The righties will whine "but that will hurt our economy'! Is sending our money to China for debt and most of our consumer products good for our economy? Is sending our gas money to Saudi Arabia, arguablely the center of wahabiism, good for our economy or the war on terror? Where is the plan to pay for all this? You know and I know that it is the right and the rich that supposedly "support our troops" that would whine the longest and loudest. Why wouldn't they make the sacrifice for our country and our troops? If we did this I am willing to bet there would be much more willingness to address the truth of our situation and how the money gets spent.


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