Thursday, July 06, 2006

I Say They Are Traitors Damn It!

A couple of days ago I noted the wingnut hilarity is building. You know, the kind we regularly see in the RDR letters to the editor. The evil liberals had shown the Rumsfeld and Cheney vacation homes in the travel section(of course the place Al Queda goes first for terrorist information). Well here is your latest update.

So they accused the NYT of deliberately endangering the security of Rumsfeld and Cheney by printing that travel article. If you wanted to debunk that accusation and had the power to have the best possible evidence magically materialize, you would wish for it turn out that the photographs were taken with the permission of Rumsfeld himself, that right-wing media outlets previously published the same information, and that the Secret Service would make clear how ludicrous the accusations are. And, lo and behold, that's exactly what materialized here. And yet the accusers, even in the face of that dream evidence, still insist that they were right all along and that this Travel article is highly suspicious are no facts which matter. Literally, virtually every political controversy we have is generated by this fact-impervious mindset, this refusal to accept that what one wishes is true is not, in fact, true.

If you would like to read more about where this idiocy comes from go here.
That any constitution, freedom loving American would back these hyperventilating hicks is bizarre on its face. It should be ignored and they should continually be put back on point when they walk off it. Such as...How do we make sure the government isn't overreaching? What does freedom mean to you? Do you believe the Constitution contains the laws we should live by? Who makes that decision? Are you in favor of our current checks and balances government? Do you have any OTHER ideas on ways to keep us safe? How many ways can you think of to protect us from terrorism besides muzzle and kill the liberals? Don't play their game. Go directly to the point, don't pass go and don't collect 200 dollars.
Look, I know we shouldn't have to give them a civics lesson. Strangely they apparently were writing notes to their friends about the high school kegger instead of paying attention to civics. " When am I ever gonna use that stuff anyway." Just consider it your contribution to the educational system.


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