Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy 4th Of July

Traditional Values

As we celebrate our most traditional of American values I want to wish everyone a happy 4th of July. It has always been among my favorite of holidays. It is not a somber holiday in remembrance. It is not a religious holiday that also insists on a certain amount of reverence. It's a celebration! It is pure joy for the wonderful land in which we live! My hope it that over the coming year we will not continue to diminish the freedom and liberty we so rightly celebrate. That the people will again run the country and share in the bounty of our land, not giving it away to the global corporate entities.

In our 230th year of freedom we have been asked to give it up in many areas because we face a dangerous threat. From the so called Patriot act to the secret government programs to the unitary executive we have less freedom, less constitutional government everyday. We have always faced dangerous threats! Ask registered Republican and former CIA agent Larry Johnson about our current woes. As you will see he makes a great case that that threat is not nearly as dangerous as the threats we have faced in the past. You'd never know it though from the rantings of the radical republicans and craptacular histrionics by the right wing media. They have taken a proper effort to defend ourselves in Afghanistan, an effort that had support from the vast number of the worlds people and turned it into a totally different situation. A situation where we countenance pre emptive war. A situation where we have turned much of our proper fight in Afghanistan over to UN forces and turned to INCITING war. Given a training ground and convenient target to those that want to harm us. We have inflamed religious passions within Iraq and pretty much guaranteed Iran west even if we are "successful". We have turned a major portion of the worlds people into haters of America, or at least serious doubters about our goals and ambitions. We have violated international law(what happened to the law and order people) and countenanced torture. Does a liberal amount of freedom expose us to those who would want to destroy it? Sure. Is it only up to the soldier to risk his life for freedom? Will you?

We today also face a war within our country. The "war on terror" is at everypoint now a chance to bash other Americans as being traitors or unamerican, with little talk given to the dangers we face and how to approach them. Because of this tactic it is fully apparent to all that we are now the Nonunited States. Visceral hate for other Americans drives our dialogue and political campaigns today. We all know who is driving the agenda. True, the people I side with are not totally free of nasty dialogue and hate but much is in response to the people that have been trying to turn us into the enemy instead of loyal opposition or another perspective on the problem. Now our media is being threatened as "traitorous", to the point that some are calling for jail and even death for journalists! Who will be left to defend us and inform us about an overreaching government? What is the purpose of the press if not for that? Yes, they may make mistakes occasionally as we all do..including fearless leaders. If we pride ourselves in open and transparent government THAT is what we MUST have. If we love our freedom and liberty then we must always be mindful that maintaining it is a top priority.

America faces many challenges that need to be discussed. Just what is the best way to make ourselves safe from foreign threats? Could it include security of the internal US. Ports, borders, dangerous facilities within our borders? Why is that not a big topic of conversation instead of hate America rants? Would it include importing low wage labor and exporting jobs overseas, more and more of our wealth going overseas, a place for bright inventive Americans to practice their gifts through science and technology as we move to the future? Why is it only about which Americans are intentionally harming their country? Is there a way to make health care affordable for all and not just the moneyed? Why is any action that asks for the government of we the people to help quickly dismissed as "socialism" and baaaaad? Can we bring America together again to be the great, respected nation it once was? YES!

A person trying to bring America together would embark on a national effort, a vital effort for our survival that we could all agree on. I have one.
Alternative energy. We are a dependent nation. We can't even get a pair of socks without depending on another country to provide it to us. This must end! Let's start with alternative energy. It has more pluses and is more vital than anything else we could do. A great leader would unite public and private, colleges and universitys, conservationist and producer, in a national effort to free ourselves from dependence on any other country. The process would unite the country, provide jobs and greatly accelerate our science and technology and productivity. Lets put those great American minds to work! The end result would be a pride of accomplishment and a desire to be great, in a peaceful way, again. Not a war for oil a war ON oil. Then our producers could sell their oil to the laggards into the future. It's about making their money come here instead of vis versa.
We ARE a great nation! We are ONLY because of the people that inhabit it. Let's reject the hate other Americans spewers. Let's talk about the truly important things for our country. Let's set an example for the rest of the world on how to move to a better future for all of us. I know we can do it. It will never happen if the Limbaughs, Coulters, Hannitys et al are the spokesmen. Quit bickering about nonsense and get serious! Lets go America! Make it happen!

May the blessings of liberty and freedom be in you and your families hearts and minds as we rebuild the shining beacon on the hill.


Blogger Debra said...

Thank you.

8:36 PM, July 04, 2006  
Blogger Dedanna said...

Happy July 4th Ron.

I'm very much without words this year for the first time in many years, so I think I'll leave it here.

Thank you for all that you do.

11:12 PM, July 04, 2006  

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