Thursday, April 27, 2006

Back Soon

On hiatus for the moment. Just need a little time for the world to turn. Back soon and looking forward to your comments and thoughts about America and how we fix this thing. Please continue to talk.


Anonymous John said...

Ron, I heard the your announcement monday. I'm really sorry about it. While you and I agree on little (except our Charlie Rangel discussion), I think the left needs a strong radio voice and I always thought you far superior to the Err America crowd. I've got a feeling there will be better days ahead for you, my friend.

5:16 PM, April 27, 2006  
Blogger Dedanna said...

Please don't stay away too long, Ron. You're already sorely missed.

Keep your chin up.

7:51 AM, April 28, 2006  
Anonymous DC said...

The blog is on hiatus or just the head blogger? Am with Dedanna on this one (also, see Coffee Table/espresso and check your email for e-card.)

2:19 PM, April 28, 2006  
Anonymous DC said...

Pro-Unionization petition
Common Dreams links
"Bush Courts Allies Rich in Oil, Human Rights Violations"
"Iraq War Set to Be More Expensive Than Vietnam"
Financial cost already $320 Bil.
That's $6 Bil. monthly or $200 Mil. daily
May top $370 Bil. even if we pull out in the near future
(Human costs-2,400 U.S. troops dead, 15,000+ wounded, and 100,000+ Iraqi civilians dead, over 50% women and children

3:16 PM, April 29, 2006  
Anonymous DC said...

Also, heard on CNN News that Limbaugh was arrested down in Fla. and was ecstatic until I heard later that he cut a sweet deal and nothing bad is going to happen to him. (Aahauraggh!!!) I was really hoping that his you know what along with its anal cyst was gonna get thrown in the slammer and that they'd throw away the key. If anyone living is the Anti-Christ it's probably him. (Hiss!)

3:23 PM, April 29, 2006  
Blogger The Game said...

Sen. Russ Feingold's Leadership PAC suggests the White House wants to wiretap political opponents.

Sen. Russ Feingold's leadership PAC sponsored an Internet video making an unfounded suggestion that President Bush is being urged to eavesdrop "on anybody who has the nerve to disagree with [him] - court order or not."

A Feingold spokesman says the ad is a parody. Funny or not, it makes an accusation for which there's no evidence.

Feingold himself says in the video that "our country hasn't stood for this kind of abuse of power in 200 years." We think he's forgetting such things as FDR's forced internment of 120,000 Japanese-Americans in World War II, and Lincoln's summary jailings of Confederate sympathizers.

Here is the far Left's poster is their leader...
Since the Left likes to use the word "lied" all the time...what would you call this...


10:27 AM, April 30, 2006  
Anonymous Scary Cat said...

Dear Mr. Spook (AKA The Game):
I won't argue that Democrats have done things in the past that are wrong and that have shamed their Party. FDR's internment of Japanese-Americans during WW II is one and while I admire him for much, that and looking the other way while the military-industrial complex sold weapons to BOTH sides is another thing to be ashamed of. I despise Andrew Jackson for The Trail of Tears. I admire LBJ for much, but I hate what his Administration did in Vietnam. Ditto for Nixon, but I like to think that Nixon was a traditional Republican and that he would be horrified at the antics of The Bu$hrat, Icky Dicky, and their gang of unethical uncaring thugs and war criminals.
I have no real interest in going to any of your GOP propaganda links. I admire Feingold and agree that The Bu$hrat needs to be censured for the wiretapping and much else. Actually, he needs to be impeached, but first the Dems need to take back control of the House and Senate.
Save your propaganda for Ron who is more tolorant of your kind than most of the other bloggers. Speaking of Ron, are you going to express some sympathy for the loss of his talk show, or are you unable to due to your acknowledged lack of emotions?

5:18 PM, April 30, 2006  
Blogger Dedanna said...

In Game's defense, Ron did say he'd be back, and to keep talking on how we can fix this thing.

I also see a much more informed style to him lately, and I truly hope, and believe, that he is trying to state his case for the conservatives in a better way. At least give him kudos for that, ok?

Also, Game is not in the Roswell area; how could he speak on a show he never gets to hear?

I can identify somewhat with this, as I'm not in the Roswell area, either.

Yes, Dems and Repugs alike have pros and cons both. It's why I vote for neither.

8:49 PM, April 30, 2006  
Anonymous DC said...

Oh, I meant that Mr. Spook could express sympathy on the blog where it has been said that the show was cancelled.
Speaking of sympathy, Ron, read the article about R/R's settlement in the Sun. issue of The RDR (after hearing about it from Larry and Carol) Too bad for you and the other employees. It's not like you don't have enough to do without having to take these classes thanks to JD. :-( Gosh, makes me wonder if the $280,000 doesn't have something to do with why the show had to be cancelled. (sigh)
Hope you're feeling better-all good things to you, and all. :-)
Take care.

2:03 PM, May 01, 2006  
Blogger Dedanna said...


What have I missed????????

6:22 PM, May 01, 2006  
Blogger BeWitchingWizard said...

Well , Well , Well,, It apears that you have all missed everything, it pays to stay away for awhile, yeah whats this crap about sexual Harrassment on Roswell Radio , so why do ALL DJ's have to take classes ?
Is that why the Show was cancelled??????


6:41 PM, May 01, 2006  
Blogger Dedanna said...

C'mon bewitching wizards.

You know this had to be something of JD's doing. I can't imagine, having worked with him and considered him a friend, that Ron would be involved.

JD & his wife have formerly been sued.

JD is a Repug. Ron is of a different sort.

I do agree however, that with the way he's been treated there, Ron should have gotten out ages ago. However, it's his choice to make, not ours.

7:38 PM, May 01, 2006  
Blogger Ron said...

Thanks John. I appreciate your comments..and everyones more than you know.

9:09 PM, May 01, 2006  
Blogger Ron said...

Game,Game.Game, how silly you are. First if you read the transcript it's obvious to anyone who has any sense of reality that it is satire. Biting satire but satire none the less.
Tell me Game, just who IS he spying on? Do you have the truth? If you do that's strange cuz no one else does. Do you know why they made the FISA law? Because the secrecy allowed those in power to spy on their enemies..You may be too young to remember but this has already happened! How you can say that he is not spying on political enemies anymore than Feingold can satirize that he is is beyond me. We just want to monitor our elected representitives. Is that a big demand?! What Lincoln and FDR did they did without secrecy. It was wrong in both cases but different too. Please study the 60s and 70s and you will better understand the fear among us.

9:19 PM, May 01, 2006  
Blogger Ron said...

I haven't been treated that badly. They work on their priorities not mine. That's what owners do. I nor any of the other staff had anything to do with the law suit. I also have no idea what the truth is in the whole story and don't really give a rats ass. Just leave me out of it. I don't want to know. I want to spend my day in the positive.

9:22 PM, May 01, 2006  
Anonymous DC said...

I, for one, didn't think YOU had anything to do with it, Ron, or that any of the other DJs did. Carol heard the rumors about the sexual harassment lawsuit against JD a long time ago. What I said was that it's too bad you and the other DJs, etc. have to take the sexual harassment classes, too, on top of all the other things you have to do. Also, some of us wondered if the financial repercussions of the lawsuit is why JD can't afford to do your show anymore.
Why didn't Dedanna know about this? Jeez, Ron, are you so busy with world politics you can't keep your former coworker informed about OFFICE politics? Some of us like juicy gossip. LOL
4 Dedanna-
"Broadcaster, 3 former workers settle lawsuit" (p. 2 Roswell Daily Record 4-30-06)
Plaintiffs-Lisa Lassa, Jennifer Fairclough, and Tracye Nelson
Defendents-John and Peggy Dunn
lawsuit filed in 2004 in state and fed. courts
alleged vulgar statements, sexual propositions, and other harassment by the Dunns
"Roswell Radio is required to conduct training to educate its employees about sexual harassment and their rights."
JD has to attend 6 counseling sessions "to acquaint him with the effects of actual or perceived sexual harassment upon the victim"
Fairclough and Lassa each got $113,750 and Nelson got $52,000.

3:40 PM, May 02, 2006  
Blogger Dedanna said...

Yeah, found the initial story on it from back in '04 in the RDR online.

And, I forgive you, Ron. I'm even used to it. You don't even respond to emails lol

5:43 PM, May 02, 2006  
Blogger The Game said...

what is the point of the ad then everyone, seriously...
It is only being sold as satire because it is such a load of crap...I have heard it, the purpose is to see how much far left (Russ Feingold) nonesense the American people will take...since the people who heard it in WIS told him it was a bunch of BS, he said is was a joke...if the response would have been different, you bet he would have kept it up...

sorry you lost your show...don't read too much here...not fun because no one debates...glad to see the few who can hold a conversation come over to my blog...

7:05 PM, May 02, 2006  
Blogger Ron said...

Ah asked the wrong guy about the point of the ad. I write them everyday. The point of the ad was to do an something in a style that would get peoples attention.They wanted you to think about just who is the President monitoring and is our constitution being upheld? It's to make people think of or debate a specific issue. And if you'd argue it he'd win cuz he's right. Rushboy does vacuous satire and makes millions. At least Russ uses a method that encourages you to think. Here's your problem game. You just went back to debating the person of russ feingold and not the issue. I'm not letting anyone get away with that anymore. As I understood your problem was supposedly the content of the ad.If you feel that is the issue, argue that stuff, dont go back to basically saying russ feingold is a bum. We already know that is you opinion. This is why I don't waste a lot of time debating wingnuts anymore. They are walking red herrings.
Watch him. Russ will keep it up regardless of the ad response. Maybe not the ad but addressing the issue. Thats why he's my man. THANK YOU WISCONSIN!!!!!!!!

7:38 PM, May 02, 2006  
Blogger Dedanna said...

Thank you. This is the very thing I've been trying to bust him on, at his own blog no less.

8:32 PM, May 02, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I've seen some strange things in my life, but I cannot describe the feeling I had, sitting on the House floor during Tuesday's State of the Union speech, listening to the President assert that his executive power is, basically, absolute, and watching several members of Congress stand up and cheer him on.

It was surreal and disrespectful to our system of government and to the oath that as elected officials we have all sworn to uphold. Cheering? Clapping? Applause? All for violating the law?"

---- US Senator Russ Feingold (D-WI), on February 2, 2006

Enough said. The man is a hero. I still want Gore to be the candidate in 2008, however.

BTW, my most recent article was picked up by buzzflash. It was the first part of a five part article comparing Bush and Hitler.

The Game would, doubtless, be THRILLED with it!!

I have received e-mails on it from Australia, Denmark, Canada, Germany, as well as from all over the USA. A couple were children of Halocaust survivors. All but one have liked it. oped is a liberal site. Way more liberal in a lot of areas than I am.

Part two will go up on oped tomorrow. Have no idea who will pick that up.

Ron, what was best about your show was simply that you got these stories out there in your monologue at the beginning that most people do not have access to. That you think you did not do it "perfectly" hardly matters.

The problem was enough people did not know about the show, and 1000 watts could not give enough listeners access to it in a lightly populated area anyway. Those that did know of it and listen to it, I think, really appreciated it.


1:28 PM, May 03, 2006  
Blogger The Game said...

rush has his own show and when he does satire, it is clear...

This is a political ad saying our President is a King ect, ect, ect...and the rest of the crap...

If that is what you believe, have the balls to say it...stop pretending to be something your not.

10:35 PM, May 03, 2006  
Blogger Ron said...

Congrats Lonna you do write some very good stuff.You also brought some great information to the show. I know it is hard for some to understand but its more than a cause for me. It's a career. It's how I keep from being a lazy welfare bum as the righties would say. It's how I pay the rent and my child support which by the way isn't buy any stretch a small amount(a full handful of hundreds a month) and the payments arent optional. For someone in a career, to do it mediocre is a huge matter. All sports players for example whan to be in the major leagues. You must be among the best to get there. After 30 some years in radio I believe I can get it done but I didn't have time to get it where I know it needs to be with production values,audio bites formating etc. because my focus was so scattered with all my other duties. So if I want to play quarterback but have to go to playing lineman to get to where I want to be I guess that's what I have to do. I think flexibility is going to get me there a lot faster than rigidity. After all I am a Liberal which causes me to think in a flexible way in the first place. If anyone knows someone that would allow me to focus on the show and will pay me enough to meet my financial obligations please have them talk to me. I will give them a show that is what radio is all about. I just don't think those people are in Roswell.

Speaking of Al Gore, I saw Tucker Carlson tonight debating. He was talking about Al Gore if he was in charge of our military today and what a horrible thought that was.
My God I would have screamed if I didn't live in an apartment! I challenge anyone to find another President who has used the military more poorly and destroyed it more than our current dear leader. What a military disaster and frightening man to have in charge of the most powerful force on the planet. Not only incompetent but truly frightening in their hubris.

10:41 PM, May 03, 2006  
Blogger Ron said...

I'm not pretending game. When the president says he has the power of the legislative(make his own laws and rules)Judical(how the laws apply constitutionally to him) and executive(power to carry that out) I would say KING. Not U.S. President. That is not a giant leap or wacky left wing talk in view of the facts. His actions are highly unamerican. If you couldn't tell the ad was satire to make a point with the "characters" involved(yep ol george washington here today) then you are not too sharp.
Rush Limbaugh talks hatefully with no concern for the issues involved. He defiles the person more than the policy. The fact that you obviously listen a lot makes it clear where you learned your ill advised facts and how to "debate". So far in this the left has been correct on what has been happening a lot more than Rush has but you still abide by the loser.

11:22 PM, May 03, 2006  
Anonymous Bob said...

Amazing, I leave town for a month and come back and everything has changed. I need some catch-up on this, but I did read the Roswell paper about the lawsuit. I can guess from the comments here that Ron's show has been cancelled, JD has to pay a lot of bucks, Ron has to go to sexual harrasment classes even tho he had nothing to do with it (c'mon, we all know he had nothing to do with it, and personally I believe he is too nice, and too shy, to even think that way). Ron, during my career with the Feds, I had to attend dozens of mandatory sexual harassment and racial discrimination classes, and each time left the class pissed off because every instructor started off assuming that everyone there was either a chauvinist pig or a racial bigot. Learn the art of checking your eyelids for pinholes during the classes and you will cruise through them. (a tip: don't debate the instructors even if they give you flat-out wrong information. You will be branded as a troublemaker and recommended for a re-education camp. And for God's sake, avoid the group hug) I for one will miss your show, and although we disagreed on many points, you displayed courtesy and a genuine desire to try and debate a topic logically, in a manner most times of civil discourse. You also defended me many times from the more extreme elements of your audience. For that I thank you, and for the style, wit, and the way you are willing to debate the issues with others not agreeing with you in a (most times) non-rancorous manner. Besides all that, you can't be all bad--you are a NASCAR fan!

Can anyone enlighten me on what the future holds for Ron?

9:13 AM, May 04, 2006  
Blogger Ron said...

Hey Bob! Good to hear from you.if youve read all the comments you are probably up to speed on whats happening. Short story, to many jobs, burned me out, talk show made no money so they decided if there was to be any relief it would be the thing to go. A qualified professional at anything doesn't want to do mediocre work soooooo. I hope we can all keep it up here. I am the program and music director for Kmou among other things. I have been doing the morning show there for sometime now and will continue with that along with my other duties. I would much rather be doing the talk show but you know what they say. want in one hand and s*it in the other and see which hand has more.:-)
I always liked talking to you because you also were a common sense thinker and stayed with the issue. Even if we didn't agree you were not like wingnuttia constantly trying to change the subject or avoid facing reality. You are the kind of American who will permit us to come to consensus on what we can agree on without all the partisan rhetoric. You also are a Nascar fan so you can't be all bad.:-) By the way thanks for the coffee cup..did you go to Phoenix?

the rest of ya. its easier to debate if we arent out to destroy. Destructive people get nowhere in the long run cuz they destroy all that may be valuable around them. Everybody is welcome to comment and say what they wish cuz this is Real America. No censorship here. I won't take sides except to the point to say that the issues on the blog are more important to most than our personal dramas.

7:37 PM, May 04, 2006  
Anonymous Bob said...

Hi Ron, yup, now I am up to speed on what the heck is going on. But next week I leave to go back to New England for a month, so when I come back, it will be fun catching up on things. Do you liberals think you are a castigate breed here in Roswell? Try being an independent thinker in south Massachusettes, the heart of Kennedy land. You survive by keeping your thoughts as well hidden as Anne Frank. Yup, went to Phoenix and saw the race...had the pit pass and all. A lot of fun, but the best seat in the house is in front of the tv, cause ya can't see squat, buth the noise level is wonderful. My new favorite is Biffle..he came over to the fans wanting autographs (yup, I got one) and just stayed, joking with everyone, till his PR lady dragged him away. And I got a photo of Kurt Bush in his race outfit a few hours before he was bounced from the team. I tried to get a coffee mug from his trailer for you, but they had none.

You are dead on right about the need for two opposite sides coming to a consensus, but that requires an ability on both sides to conceed that there actually is a ground in the middle somewhere where the two mindsets can agree upon. You and I did that a number of times, and the world did not come apart at the seams. If you are a radical verbal bombthrower on either side you won't convince anyone of anything except those who already belong to the choir, to mix metaphors. Talk to me logically, have your facts right, be willing to defend your point of view without drama, and you know, you might just convince me you are right about the point you are making.

What amazes me nowadays is the delight in which the rightwingnuts and the leftmoonbats like to eat their own. I had one of those life experiences that got me thinking on a lot of things. My agency was faulted by the EEOC for not giving blacks enough opprotunity to advance into management, so my friend and partner at that time filed with the EEOC panel for consideration under this ruling to be promoted. He was 1/4 black, the rest a mix of Arab and Hispanic. The reply? Sorry, you are not black enough! Huh? Just how black do you have to be, was our question. It was never answered. The moral of the story, as applied to the politics of the day, is how left or right does one have to be to be considered on your side? 1/4, 1/3, 3/4, or 100 per cent? Is it wise to verbally smite down those who cannot see the total pure, clear, shining moral superiority of the right or left positions you hold? If so, you won't have much of a congregation left over time, just the choir singing your praises.

Oh by the way, I'd like to take up your challange " I challenge anyone to find another President who has used the military more poorly and destroyed it more than our current dear leader."
The winner is....Abraham Lincoln, 1860-1864.

2:21 PM, May 05, 2006  
Blogger Ron said...

Lincoln was certainly not a very good chooser of leaders. McCellan and all. Grant pulled his butt out eventually. However I think That he went to war for a good cause and did win the war within 4 years. Gimme more or try again.:-)

I agree on your consensus building and preaching to the choir thing. Even if we can't agree on the larger issues there may be things within that issue that we can agree on and that is where we should move forward. For example Iraq. I think there would be a majority(not sure wheather I am part of it). That would say we need more troops.Like I said, I would love to discuss the issue cuz I am not sure where I stand on it but if they can find consensus then do it! Anything is preferable to doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
I'm personally not an advocate of affirmative action at this date. It was a good thing for 20 or so years but eventully people must rise on their own merit. Let me also said that I am radically opposed to discrimination. So how do we make sure discrimination doesn't happen AND people rise on their own merit?

4:47 PM, May 06, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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8:59 PM, May 19, 2006  

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