Friday, April 14, 2006

Minds Full Of Mush

A friend called the show today and said el rushbo was defending Don Rumsfield. All well and good. Unfortunately his defense went something like; All those generals were Clinton appointments and just Clintonistas out to get Rummy.
Could there possibly be more of a "drunken barroom" argument? That argument wouldn't even make the high school debate team. They'd just tell him to come back when he figured out what he was talking about.
This is a Rush inspired and now regular "trick" of the thuglicans. Divert, Divert, Divert. The issue IS is Don Rumsfield doing a responsible and intelligent job of overseeing our nations defense. If braindead wants to argue the pluses and minuses of Rumsfields' performance or discuss the questions that those generals raised, fine. No, divert, divert, divert. His response didn't even address the question. It is only tangentally even related. It's more like the argument you make after a couple to many beers. The response of someone who really has no idea what he's talking about but boy can he blow hard like he does.
They have done the same thing with the NSA scandal. Their basic response? They wanna hang up on Al Queda! That isn't the issue and they know it. That would be a political slogan at best. It has no place in intelligent debate. Divert, Divert, Divert.
They do the same thing with the Plame case. The issue is did someone at the White House reveal the identity of a covert CIA agent and additionally was there a political vendetta motive? The issue to them is what a truly evil man Joe Wilson is.
Folks, we aren't even having the same discussion. I am so tired of debating minds full of mush. There is no debate. We might as well be throwing chairs on Jerry Springer cuz that's what it seems to be to them. This, wingnuts, is why so many people seem to have lost patience with you.
We must keep these people on track. I have a nice little old lady that calls me most days. She is easily sidetracked. I have learned that I must constantly monitor her to keep her on track. We have to do the same with them. Insist on sticking to the issue. It is the only way that the best ideas will win out ...which by the way is to the benefit of all of us.


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