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All these contributed by readers...Thank you.

In Iraq

Needless to say, the two insurgencies are also battling each other, in what can only be called Iraq’s civil war. There’s little chance that they will unite against their common foe, the United States. But that doesn’t make the situation any less deadly for U.S. forces in Iraq. What is means is that the United States is now fighting virtually the entire Iraqi Arab population. Only the non-Arab Kurds seem loyal to the United States now, and the notoriously fickle Kurds, famed for shifting their allegiances on a dime, can’t be counted on as permanent friends, either.

On consistancy

To preen oneself on having resisted temptations one has never felt is no different than taking credit for victories over enemies one has never faced. It is the squawk of the chicken hawk raised to the status of a theological principle.

John Kerry DOES have a plan!

If Iraqis aren't willing to build a unity government in the five months since the election, they're probably not willing to build one at all. The civil war will only get worse, and we will have no choice anyway but to leave. .........
In a neutral setting, Iraqis, working with our allies, the Arab League and the United Nations, would be compelled to reach a political agreement that includes security guarantees, the dismantling of the militias and shared goals for reconstruction. ......We can put the American leadership on the side of our soldiers and push the Iraqi leadership to do what only it can do: build a democracy.

Citizen finally gets to say what so many of us wanted to, Face to Face, what a dream!

Outside, Bush's motorcade came within site of at least a couple hundred protesters outside the hall. They chanted, "Do your job!" and held signs with phrases such as "Liar" and "Worst President Ever."
Lonna says:
One kudo for Bush -- he told the audience to let Taylor finish. BUT, he and the rest of his administration never quit lying and not answering questions. What Bush said bore little resemblance to what Taylor said/asked. What does what is in green have to do with what is in red, really? And they imply that anyone who doesn't think Bush should be able to wiretap whoever he wants, with or without a warrant, doesn't want him to be able to wiretap al Qaeda members, which is another lie they never quit repeating.
Ron says(in a thick southern accent) ..Hangin up on that Al Quader fella, that ain't good.

Thanks Lonna and DC

Finally, I just saw headline "lawyer: Bush left leak details to Cheney"
I guess he forgot to tell him-except for leaking the name of a cia agent or using the blowdryer in the shower or some stupid thing like that.


Blogger Ron said...

One addendum to this.
I usually don't link to common dreams, tom paine et al because I know the right will go there and just dismiss it as "I'm suppose to believe some moonbat website!" I do read them frequently though. If there is something I want to use I usually go google for it elsewhere. If the right was the least bit curious they could do the same but they wont. They have found a reason to disassemble reality that works for them.
Curiosity is not something that one could associate with the wingnuts.

6:14 PM, April 08, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Know who will have Seymour Hersh on first? Amy Goodman and Democracy Now. The MSM will ignore the piece until after the worst has happened. Hersh says some military people are thinking of resigning if they don't take the nuclear option off the table.
Tnink gas is high now?? Wait and see what it goes to after we bomb Iran!


9:42 AM, April 09, 2006  

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