Saturday, February 25, 2006

Whos Government?

Yesterday morning, President Bush, while responding to a reporter’s question on the controversy surrounding the management of six U.S. ports being turned over to a United Arab Emirates-owned company, remarked that the transaction had been vetted by "my government" and that the ports would remain secure.

I agree with Jack Cafferty on this. I even remarked about this on the show one day. Here is the opposition view.

First, any politican should be thinking and refering to it as "our" government... always.... in my book. I require that. Sorry. You'd think that would be politics 101.

If he would have said "my administration" or "my people"(although that would probably draw some ire too) he would have been more factually accurate.

This in some cases might not be a big deal. Slip of the tougue. But when dealing with an administration, an executive, that wants to do so many things in secret, force their will at whatever it takes stakes, saying "my government" bothers some of us. Like it or not.


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