Sunday, February 12, 2006

Sunday Editorial


Lots of handwringing from the right about those angry leftys. At this point in our history if you aren't angry you should be ashamed of yourself and your love of this country. We haven't found the anthrax sender(attacks in DC only went to Democrats). No dead or alive, hunt him down, make him pay, hear from us, Osama. No weapons of mass destruction. Although fox news has found another shill to say they went to Syria. Yep sure, thanks to all that intelligence we got from Iraqis we got into a war to achieve THEIR(INC) purposes. It's bullshit! It is also hearsay that is being used in the book where the claim comes from. The Kay and Dulfer investigation said they didn't even have the capacity to produce them. How could one possibly believe them this at this point with mountains of evidence that point to otherwise?.. Torture and the claim of justification to violate international law. Turning our country into a pariah around the world. All the phoney intelligence used and all the cases against war ignored. Dick Cheney pushing the outing of a CIA agent(who by the way has been confirmed as undercover, a point not the facists are willing to admit.) Debasing every military persons service that runs against them with lies or wildly misleading statements while at the same time being war avoiders themselves. Highly questionable elections. ..Huge debts and billions missing and unaccounted for. That is YOUR money that is missing and you will be expected to pay a larger percentage of it because of the tax cuts for the rich and wealthy corporations. Katrina, proving these guys are not prepared and care little about a national emergency. What if it was a terrorist attack? Would they care then? Would they have acted more swiftly? Would they have lied about not knowing? The K street project and politicans for sale. And....the one that should be the kicker for everybody who believes in our Constitution. The presnit usurping the power of Congress by assuming unchecked legislative power. The most amazing part of this is the people defending the presnit are, by and large, the same that continually complain about judical "activisim". My question is...If you aren't angry that this all continues to go on, with no one fired, no one held to account...WHY THE HELL AREN'T YOU ANGRY, IT'S PITCHFORKS AND TORCHES TIME!!!!! Save our republic!


Blogger Dedanna said...

T-Shirt slogan: I went straight to hell, and all I got for it was this dumb pitchfork. lol.

7:33 PM, February 24, 2006  

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