Sunday, February 12, 2006

Bushs' Army

Well, I always thought that the US military belonged to all of us but I see I misunderstand the American Spirit again.

At the same time, the Bush administration is going directly to the public with its war message. Raul Damas, associate director of political affairs at the White House, has been on the phone directly to Republican county chairmen to arrange local speeches by active duty military personnel to talk about their experiences in Iraq. To some Republican members, this unusual venture connotes a desire to go directly to the people to sell the president's position without having to deal with members of Congress.

No that's not scary. How many more of the signs of fascism will have to be reveled before the robots fail to fall in line. This has never been the way we do things. Warning!!!! These people are not Real Americans!!! These are corporate aristocrats who want to own you. If you can't your brain around that then you shall reap the consequences. The sad part is how much more will you have to reap before you get mad?


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