Monday, February 06, 2006

They Know How Big This Is Too

Notice this story is from a right leaning website.

The sources said the administration has been alarmed over the damage that could result from the Senate hearings, which began on Monday, Feb. 6. They said the defection of even a handful of Republican committee members could result in a determination that the president violated the 1978 Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. Such a determination could lead to impeachment proceedings.........

Those deemed disloyal to Mr. Rove would appear on his blacklist. The sources said dozens of GOP members in the House and Senate are on that list.

So far, only a handful of GOP senators have questioned Mr. Rove's tactics.

Some have raised doubts about Mr. Rove's strategy of painting the Democrats, who have opposed unwarranted surveillance, as being dismissive of the threat posed by al Qaeda terrorists.

"Well, I didn't like what Mr. Rove said, because it frames terrorism and the issue of terrorism and everything that goes with it, whether it's the renewal of the Patriot Act or the NSA wiretapping, in a political context," said Sen. Chuck Hagel, Nebraska Republican.

What a badge of honor it may turn out to be if you are on Roves Black list.


Blogger The Donkey said...

The donkey knows this post is off topic but no one is going to see this at the old coffee table or the sunday post.

Thank you for your great response. Your phone calls really paid off.

HB481 (Picraux) was amended in Consumer and Public Affairs.

The amendments mostly focused on committee membership - reducing the
number from 39 to 32. Labor still only has 1 representative.

Thanks to Representative Gardner (Roswell) language was included to
make sure the committee's work plan needs to consider rising health care

However, we still need an explicit amendment that requires that the
study includes a comparison of the various models' impacts on rising
health costs over time. We also need an amendment to establish a deadline for this part of the study by November 15, 2006.

Now, we need your help again.

Both SB 270 and HB 471 are in their final committees before going to
the floor.

Our best chance for amendments is in Senate Finance. PLEASE CALL AS
(If you are a constituent, let the senator know that).

Here are the two key talking points.

1. Please specify that an amendment is needed to ensure that the
proposed study will compare how different universal health care models will
impact rising health care costs OVER TIME.

2. Please include a second deadline date FOR THIS ASPECT OF THE STUDY
of November 15, of 2006.

Your calls are so important. Below are the telephone numbers for
Senate Finance.

Senate Finance Committee

Chair Joseph Fidel 986-4362,
Vice Chair John Arthur Smith 986-4363
Sue Wilson Beffort 986-4395
Pete Campos 986-4311
Joseph Carraro 986-4387
Tim Jennings 986-4863
Carroll Leavell 986-4278
Leonard Rawson 986-4703
Nancy Rodriquez 986-4264
Leonard Tsosie 986-4859

12:23 AM, February 07, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you Donkey for the informative and important update. BTW, note the thanks to local Rep. Gardner for his amendment. Such actions locally really need to be applauded. Keep up the good work Donkey.

12:21 PM, February 09, 2006  

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