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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Local Politics. To go along with Sen. Adair's remark about raising the minimum wage would only increase illegal immigration which you mentioned on your program today we have these gems from the Roswell Embarassment -Rep.Foley.
"The reason we don't have a high-wage economy is because our education system isn't well." That's right Foley blame the people in the education system. Nevermind Foley and those of a like mind who predominate here with their anti-union, welfare for business, tax money for school athletics priority, government is bad, cock-fighting family values, use the military to promote "free enterprise", oppose minimum wage increases and even any minimum wage is bad attitudes. No those wouldn't have anything to do with keeping talented,thinking people in And from coming to New Mexico. And when big business does try to help, as has the Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce by supporting the Governor, And others, in trying to raise the minimum wage, he calls them "useless" and that they only "represent themselves".
No wonder he got time to vent his attitudes on cable national t.v. last year, they look for these type of kooks to create sensationalism and increase their entertainment ratings. One wonders how he will vote on the Medical MJ bill, which passed the Senate 34-6,
when it gets to the House. Maybe he will finally do something right.
Speaking of which Sen Leavell of "tough-as-an-old-boot" Jal said the compassionate Medical MJ bill sent "such a terrible message to the young people that we have here, that I will not and can not support this". Right! this heavily controlled compassionate and sensible action for sick people in pain will lead to "drug abuse". His kulture of punishment for the less fortunate is like that of the federal hack who was testifying in Santa Fe that the feds would be forced to arrest and charge people with violating federal drug laws. Its obvious that our real enemies are a lot closer and more threatening than Al-Qeda. And that is the literal truth. As for the fed rep and Sen. Leavell, let's truly hope that members of their families will become painfully ill and have their access to health Denied. Agian, I mean that Literally!

2:34 PM, February 02, 2006  
Blogger The Donkey said...

If you want to be happy and carefree, don't read these links. Ignorance is bliss, just ask the lame game.

Questions the Donkey asked since 9-11

A good web site,
Scholars for 9/11 Truth

4:30 PM, February 02, 2006  
Blogger The Donkey said...

When the Japanese bombed Clark Field and Fort Stotsenberg, Philippine Islands, on December 8, 1941 — December 7th in the US — just hours after the attack on Pearl Harbor, New Mexico’s 200th Coast Artillery (Anti-aircraft) was the “first to fire” on the enemy.

Starving and diseased, the men held out for four months against an overwhelming enemy until Bataan was surrendered on April 9, 1942, and Corregidor on May 6, 1942. Except for the few who escaped to fight as guerrillas, the survivors of those bloody battles were to suffer 3-1/2 years of the most inhumane treatment known to mankind as prisoners of war. Eight hundred of the 1,800 men originally deployed would perish in prison camps or on Hell Ships.

American soldiers, including New Mexico’s 200th and 515th Coast Artillery (Anti-aircraft) troops, were forced to march 60 miles in the Bataan Death March. Once in Japan, many of these POW's were forced into slave labor for private Japanese steel mills and other private companies until the end of the war.

The Donkey has no dispute with the Japanese people. The Japanese who profited from the slave labor of American POW's have an obligation to remedy their wrongs.

The Japanese companies, who used our soldiers as slave labor, often gravely mistreating them, should have an appropriate apology and the long overdue compensation for the slave labor these men performed during the war.

Foley asking US air man to fly over a Japanese car dealership, is not the proper way to honor these Veterans and hurts the Veterans who endured too much.

“NMMI [the New Mexico Military Institute] and the entire community of Roswell was attending this function,” said Foley. “It was a great day, celebrating a great project in the city of Roswell.” The Donkey was not there, he was working like most people in Roswell on that day.

“If we offended anybody, then they’re unpatriotic,” said Tom Krumland. “That’s who I think we offended.

12:21 PM, February 03, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very good points Donkey. Unfortunately, the local paper decides that a mostly propaganda piece on the story will do. Obviously, more of the "liberal media". Had to see cable channels 8 and 10 for the real story. And the paper had a hit piece by corporate whore Roger Hernandez attacking Evo Morales of Bolivia as against free choice,multiple party politics and ending electionsYou want to go ahead and make that a reality just keep supporting the administration and others who try to hammer down Any attempt to stand up against global corporatism. Morales already said he wants to work with the U.S. but not be dominated by them. Of course, Hernandez said that all the right thinking people in the world realize we need a "global system run by the United States". Such hypocrits and whores don't care about what is true or right just who is doing it and to whom. The only thing I would disagree with Morales on so far is that he said if the U.S. does not cooperate
then he may seek help from China. That is worrisome on several points. The Daily Record of course pitched in its part on the propaganda with the headline they used for the hit piece. Hernandez also lauded how wonderful the supposedly left of center Bachelet who was recently elected in Chile was. Well, she certainly won on a left of center platform with a left of center party, but so far she has voiced nothing about correcting the "free market" corporate running of the country that has led to the widest discrepancy of income of any South American country, a regressive tax system and a failed privitized social security system. And she was even abused during the Pinochet
regime. Remember Pinochet? When Chile's experiment with democracy back in the 70s elected Allende, the U.S. government/corporate system complex had him not so covertly overthrown. Pinochet then came to power with his reign of terror and even after he left the nation has continued as a neoliberal/neocon economics lab, not to the benefit of the average working Chilean of course. But the American public largely has remained uneducated and miseducated about the reality of the situations in Chile and Bolivia among other places thanks in large part to our sensationalist
and mind dulling "liberal" media. Of course some people don't really care. As long as the people of the world allow themselves to be led by assorted criminals and con artists there won't even be a chance for peace or justice. Some true progress could be made in Bolivia and Morales could be held accountable but only if the dealings with them are respectful and intelligent and not subservant to the whores of greed and war or by people blindly waving flags and reciting nationalist propaganda and corporate adthink. Remember, the people of Bolivia can turn to and be controled by the same mindset when pushed enough. Think Hamas and Al Queda.

2:46 PM, February 03, 2006  
Anonymous Dramacat said...

Anonymous made some very good points. Still think raising minimum wage without controlling inflation is a bad idea. Expect prices to go up, so the people who made m/wg won't really be better off and those who made just over will be worse off.
Better to bring union factory jobs into the area-ones with good wages and benefits (if you can find some which haven't been sent to SE/SW Asia, China, MX, Central America, etc.
That would mean doing something to help the city grow, but many of Roswell's seniors don't want it to change. Consequently, the young people who can't find decent jobs move on, and seniors move here and eventually die here. Speaking of that, it would be BAD LUCK to elect a funeral director as mayor, as it might mean the death throes of the city-right? B., the other conservative GOP candidate is supposed to be very far-right, and I heard that the Dem candidate is pretty conservative. I'm debating on whether to vote for J who is a moderate Republican. Hate to cross party lines, but better a moderate than a conservative when one is a liberal.
Also, Ron should see The Coffee Tableth for news from The Maniacs. Also, be advised that The Year of The Cat is over.

4:50 PM, February 03, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This should cause total and complete outrage!! It would if such a costly and destructive war based on lies had been brought about by a Democrat!

Powell's Former Chief of Staff Lawrence Wilkerson Calls Pre-War Intelligence a 'Hoax on the American People' Tonight on PBS Program 'NOW'

Friday February 3, 12:19 pm ET

NEW YORK, Feb. 3 /PRNewswire/ -- In an interview airing tonight on the PBS weekly newsmagazine NOW, Colin Powell's former Chief of Staff Lawrence Wilkerson makes the startling claim that much of Powell's landmark speech to the United Nations laying out the Bush Administration's case for the Iraq war was false.

"I participated in a hoax on the American people, the international community, and the United Nations Security Council," says Wilkerson, who helped prepare the address.

The NOW report, which airs days before the third anniversary of Powell's speech, examines the serious doubts that existed about the key evidence being used by the American government at the very time Powell's speech was being planned and delivered.

"I recall vividly the Secretary of State walking into my office," Wilkerson tells NOW. "He said: 'I wonder what will happen if we put half a million troops on the ground in Iraq and comb the country from one end to the other and don't find a single weapon of mass destruction?'" In fact, no weapons of mass destruction were found in Iraq.


8:32 PM, February 05, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My American cousin -- born and raised in Colorado -- met and married a Bolivian student while they were attending college in Socorro, New Mexico 35 years ago or so. They have lived in the United States, Bolivia, and Brazil since their marriage.

Her husband teaches at the university in Cochabamba? They are fundamentalist Christians, but they supported Morales.

I wrote a piece called "Smarter than We Are" about American priorities for South America based on the book "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man" by John Perkins. My cousin said she could find nothing wrong with it, and her husband (who voted for Morales and is to some degree involved in his government, said it was "right on.")

This is the link to the article.


8:46 PM, February 05, 2006  

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