Thursday, January 19, 2006

Coffeeth Tableth

Thomas Jefferson once observed, the democratic ideal elevates popular government as in and of itself, not merely a cover for the wishes of the supposedly smarter and superior "elite".


Blogger Ron said...

I am very curious to hear from you all. My question? If you were to describe to someone your idea of the American Dream, what would you say? What is it?

4:38 PM, January 19, 2006  
Blogger BeWitchingWizard said...

Proving to you and all other non believers that our govt would kill kill kill for money and greed and Pinacle,Anthrax,Cheney,Rumsfeld,Articoke,Bin ,Carlyle ,Halliburton...................

7:54 PM, January 20, 2006  
Blogger BeWitchingWizard said...

And George HW Bush Who sells our secrets to the Sauidis Everyday and Thats TREASON and Halliburton

7:55 PM, January 20, 2006  
Blogger BeWitchingWizard said...

And We also have to Thank all the Republicans who voted for Bush for all the American and Iraqui deaths today Thanks

7:56 PM, January 20, 2006  
Anonymous Democat said...

Word has reached Democat in the great beyond, that not only is Ron still sucking up to GOP conservatives, but that he has been a little mean to his liberal callers recently. (Democat hopes that Ron is not so mad at HER that he is taking it out on her friends. :-( )
She wonders what could be going through his mind that he would risk alienating his core fan base-the liberal democrats who helped save his show! It's bad enough when celebrities claim to love their fans, yet don't answer their fan mail, but hanging up on them, cutting them off, etc. is going a little too far. :-(
Granted, Democat is not the host of the show or even a caller/listener anymore, so her unsolicited advice is probably not appreciated. She should keep that pesky law in mind lest her offensive blog comments get her into trouble. However, she still believes in the show and hopes for its continued success. Democat hopes Ron will be a little nicer to his liberal callers from now on, as she doubts he can afford to lose another regular caller.

1:57 PM, January 21, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My vision of America? How about one that is not a fascist state claiming to be a democracy? How about one that honors our First Amendment rights, not one where we are losing our free speech, due to The Patriot Act, freedom of the press because the corporations that control the government also control most of the media, freedom of assembly, and let's not forget freedom of religion as the separation of church and state disappears and the rightwing evangelicals get total control of all 3 branches of our Federal government.
Also, what about Emma Lazarus' famous poem "Give me your tired, your poor, ..." ? Yes, we'll take the poor from other countries to exploit their labor and bring wages down while we treat the poor, working and middle classes of this country like dirt and the very wealthy get everything. That's not MY vision of America, thank you very much!
My American Dream is one where there is true freedom and justice, where there is equal opportunity for all, where all people have enough to eat, clothes on their backs, roofs over their heads, good health care, decent educations for their children, where protecting the environment
is more important than protecting the profits of the energy industries and corporations, and where art, culture, beauty, love and peace are valued over war, dishonesty, greed, and corruption.

2:10 PM, January 21, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wake up and smell the coffee in Fascist America 2006 before it is too late. The ignorance and apathy of most of the people in this country is going to destroy us.

All it will take is anohter terrorist attack -- possibly an "arranged" one if BUSH/CO are desperate enough -- for us to lose everything. Some of us on this blog could end up in detention camps, which some say (a former military communications officer I know among them,) are already there waiting for us (with some occupants already in them.)

"First they came for the communists..."

The government asked for search records from Yahoo and from Google. Yahoo turned them over, Google said they would see the government in court. Of course, I suppose ONLY Democrat's porn searches will be used for blackmail or whatever, Republicans sins will not be monitored in this 3 branch Republican controlled government. And you can bet they will know what your stance is on the war, AND on your political leanings!!

The IRS in 20 states took the political affiliation of tax filers. They are going to "outsource" some tax work. Guess which party is likely to get those contracts (since they now know their political affiliation.)

And from the news: (I am breaking a copyright law here. Do you suppose they could put me in a camp for THAT?}

Antiwar protests at eight colleges have made a Pentagon watch list of
"suspicious incidents."

The 400-page list, which was obtained by NBC News, includes information
on 1,500 "threats" to national security that occurred over a recent
10-month period, and characterizes them as either "credible" or "not

The campus protests, all of which were aimed at military recruiters,
occurred at New York University (twice), the State University of New
York at Albany (twice), Southern Connecticut State University, City
College of the City University of New York, the University of California
campuses at Berkeley and at Santa Cruz, an unspecified campus of the
University of Wisconsin, and "a New Jersey university." Only one of the
events, the protest at Santa Cruz, was cited as a "credible threat."

Snehal A. Shingavi, a Ph.D. candidate in English who participated in the
Berkeley protest, said he was surprised to learn that his actions were
considered a threat. The demonstration drew only 20 students, he said,
and was, by protest standards, quite tame.

"It just shows how far off base the Department of Defense is with
respect to what are genuine threats," said Mr. Shingavi, a member of
Berkeley's Stop the War Coalition. "That student activists protesting
war are seen as a threat to national security is patently laughable."

Kermit L. Hall, president of SUNY-Albany and a constitutional scholar,
said he was "disappointed" that the Defense Department had not at least
notified the university that a protest on its campus was on the list.
The failure to do so, he said, shows "no regard for our independence or
autonomy as a higher-education institution."

A Pentagon spokesman denied reports that the department was spying on
college students, but confirmed that the department maintains a database
of "unfiltered" threat information, known as Talon.

Run by a Pentagon office called Counterintelligence Field Activity, the
database contains "dots" of information provided by law-enforcement,
intelligence, and security agencies and from "concerned citizens," the
spokesman said. "The idea is that a trained analyst can look at the
threat and see, Is it verifiable? Is it connectable?, so we can connect
the dots before the next major attack occurs."

To at least one former Army intelligence officer, however, the Defense
Department's actions look like history repeating itself. Christopher H.
Pyle, a politics professor at Mount Holyoke College who blew the whistle
on the Defense Department for monitoring antiwar and civil-rights
protests during the 1960s, said students have been asking him what risks
they take in protesting.

"I think this could inhibit people in their exercise of their protest
rights," he said.

Several members of Congress have written to Secretary of Defense Donald
H. Rumsfeld to voice their concerns about the database.

Copyright (c) 2006 by The Chronicle of Higher Education


2:35 PM, January 21, 2006  
Blogger Ron said...

Me thinks some of you view this as a religon where everyone has to think in unison. Homey don't play dat.

9:20 PM, January 21, 2006  
Blogger Ron said...

I understand this but I guess what I am asking here is for something a little more personal. What kind of life would you have on an individual basis if you were living the American dream.

9:43 PM, January 21, 2006  
Blogger The Donkey said...

This is a coffee table so the Donkey feel free to change the subject. The Donkey read this:

"But it is profoundly distressing if political discourse has sunk to a level where abusive name-calling and the crudest of sexual language are the norm, where facts have no place in an argument. This unbounded, unreasoning rage is not going to help this newspaper, this country or democracy."--Deborah Howell

Ms Howell seems to think this rage just happened. She does not think her lies had any thing to do with the thousands of emails and comments that hit her paper's web site.

To hear her tell it, she was just reporting and made a little mistake, and people became enraged. She was the victim of this rage. The rage just happened, for no reason, and she does not see these people as helpful to this country. Logic dictates then they are harming this county.

The Donkey thinks this person must be related to the lame game. The lame games thinks he is the victim of an enraged Donkey. He does not even remember why the Donkey became enraged because he thinks he did nothing at all.

The lame game comforts himself by believing the Donkey's discourse has sunk to a level where abusive name-calling and the crudest of sexual language are the norm, where facts have no place in an argument. The lame game lives in the same fantasy land as Ms. Howell.

1:07 AM, January 22, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is (I guess) a pro life rally in Roswell today. I was going to counter demonstrate, but noone volunteered to back me up. I

In lieu of that I wrote a letter on abortion to the editor (part of a LONG article I am doing on Jimmy Carter's wonderful book "Our Endangered Values.") If you want to know our traditional values, reading his book would be a good start.

I will post the link to that when it is put up.

But, this is the letter. I hope the paper publishes it, and I wish they would let me expand it to 8 or 900 hundred words so I could talk about WHY he left the Southern Baptist church AND the death penalty.

Jimmy Carter, Our Last Truly Christian President.

In Jimmy Carter’s marvelous book “Our Endangered Values” he talks about values, truth, and the dangers of fundamentalism. He dispels some deeply held but erroneous notions of the Christian right. The statistics noted are all from Carter's book.

While personally opposed to abortion, he notes Jesus never mentioned either homosexuality or abortion, the sins the “Right” concentrates on, but Jesus did condemn adultery and divorce, which flourish in churches as elsewhere. The Baptist Church leads all churches in divorce at 29%.

In 2002 in America, 47% of women with unintended pregnancies had abortions. The predominant factor was poverty. During the Clinton years, poverty decreased. Abortion fell to a 24 year low of sixteen per thousand women of childbearing age. In Belgium and Holland where there is national health care and a social safety net, there were only seven abortions per thousand. In some predominantly poor, religious countries where all abortions are illegal, the rate is fifty per thousand!!

Perhaps, if we truly desire to end abortion, we should concentrate on eradicating poverty, and fighting for universal health care.

I, myself, have always wondered why the militant “right to life” people -- people of “faith” -- have so little faith in God that they, apparently, believe if he truly wants a baby to be born, He is too powerless to change the heart of a woman so that her heart will not let her go through with an abortion. I believe He does that frequently.

Sex education: In America, Canada, and industrialized Europe, approximately 60% of teens have sex before 18, but, American girls, deprived of practical sex education, are five times as likely as French girls to have a baby and seven times as likely to abort, seventy times as likely to have gonorrhea as Dutch girls and five times as likely to have HIV/AIDS as German girls.


1:28 PM, January 22, 2006  
Blogger The Donkey said...

The Donkey is pro life. The Donkey is also pro baby, pro teenager, pro human being, no matter how long they have been out of the womb.

It often puzzled the Donkey why most pro life groups love war so much. They love war almost as much as they love money.

The pro life did not care about the American football conference championship game. Why do the pro life groups hate American football players?

5:05 PM, January 22, 2006  
Anonymous Dramacat said...

What was wrong with my idea of the American Dream? Oh, I know-it was MINE. {:-{
I'm pro-choice-not pro-abortion. I believe that abortion is taking a human life, but there are TWO lives involved, the mother's and the child's. Also, I believe the soul is the person and God/Goddess can certainly choose not to put a soul into an embryo/fetus that will be miscarried or aborted. Botton line is that there are better ways to reduce the number of abortions than to reverse
Rowe V. Wade and doing the latter will not eliminate abortions, just make it harder to get safe ones.
Plus, I despise the hypocrisy of pro-life people who want to save white Christian embryons and ignore the bombs falling on brown Islamic children and infants because of Bush's immoral and illegal war!

5:36 PM, January 22, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why Won't The Media Touch This Book?

An email from Mark Crispin Miller
Regarding his new book Fooled Again Bush/Cheney stole their re-election in 2004.

They stole it not just in Ohio, but all throughout the USA, from coast to coast.

They stole it not by using any single ploy, but through a stealthy combination of computerized vote theft, bureaucratic monkey business, systematic shortages of viable equipment and old-fashioned dirty tricks, including rampant bullying, disinformation and obstructionism.

Such foul play was not apparent "on both sides" in the 2004 election, but was committed mainly by the Bush Republicans.

The evidence is both abundant and precise--and it's all here in Fooled Again.

"This second heist of the White House is one of the great untold stories of our time - even though it was largely carried out in plain sight. Miller performs the simple but increasingly rare act of journalism and gathers a mountain of overwhelming evidence from publicly available material. This is no "conspiracy theory" stitched together from anonymous sources, strained inferences and dark innuendo, but a solid case based on official records, sworn testimony, eyewitness accounts, news reports - and the Bushists' own words."Those words were published in an excellent review of Fooled Again that will come out tomorrow--in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Also tomorrow, a number of Web sites will be posting a review of Fooled Again by Paul Craig Roberts, who was Assistant Treasury Secretary under Ronald Reagan. A genuine conservative, Roberts is unafraid to read the evidence and face reality:

"Miller describes considerably more election fraud than voting machines programmed to count a proportion of Kerry votes as Bush votes. Voters were disenfranchised in a number of ways. Miller reports incidences of intimidation of, and reduced voting opportunities for, poorer voters who tend to vote Democrat.... ADVERTISEMENT
"The outcome of the 2004 presidential election has always struck me as strange. Although Kerry was a poor candidate and evaded the issue most on the public's mind, by November of 2004 a majority of Americans were aware that Bush had led the country into a gratuitous war on the basis either of incompetence or deception. By November 2004 it was completely clear that Saddam Hussein had no weapons of mass destruction and that Bush had rushed to war. People were concerned by the changing rationales that Bush was offering for going to war. Moreover, the needless war was going badly and the results bore no relationship to the rosy scenario painted at the time of the invasion. It seems contrary to American common sense for voters to have reelected a president who had failed in such a dramatic way."
Roberts--a former associate editor of the Wall Street Journal, and a former contributing editor for National Review--concludes with a warning that the Founding Fathers would appreciate:

"Miller directs our attention to Bush's high-handed treatment of dissenters. If electronic voting machines programmed by private Republican firms remain in our future, dissent will become pointless unless it boils over into revolution. Power-mad Republicans need to consider the result when democracy loses its legitimacy and only the rich have anything to lose."Despite its wealth of evidence--meticulously documented in 57 pages of detailed endnotes--and despite the standing of its author (Miller is an NYU professor with a solid global reputation), Fooled Again has been pointedly ignored by the national media.

There have been no national reviews of Fooled Again...


8:19 AM, January 23, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I highly recommend you go here and read Frank Rich's "Truthiness 101." It is about how news is manufactured by P.R. firms. He discusses mainly the Alito hearings -- all the public relations firms involved to "spin" what went on.


8:23 AM, January 23, 2006  
Anonymous Dramacat said...

A couple of little birds told me that it was suggested that Bob be invited to be a guest on the show. If that happens, hopefully it will be during Nascar season, so Bob can discuss something that he knows something about (as opposed to politics, the military, etc.). :-) Wonder whether Maniac will, also, be invited to be a guest on the show. Of course, not at the same time as Bob-that would be a disaster! LOL
Gotta wonder-did the boss think this one up on his own or did he have some help from Maniac's non-representative? What is JD's objective here? He certainly doesn't seem to appreciate that the show and its host are the best things he has on his station. Perhaps his problem, as has been suggested by several listeners, is that he is jealous of Ron's voice since his own bears a distinct resemblance to that of a bullfrog with a bad case of laryngitis. LOL
Anyway, thought I should end this with an apology for harping on the yucky subject of relationships and saying some not so nice things to someone on this blog. Gotta stop doing things like that, my karma's bad enough already. :-(

9:18 AM, January 24, 2006  
Anonymous diane marie said...

Ron, the question you pose is related to just that---A Dream...
America in my father's day was exactly that having survived communism, in some ways I thank God he has passed for he does not have to re-live the communistic way of corrupt and vile government he fled from as did sooooooooo many others during those times...lessons from history, have we learned any? Apparently this administration has and they put each one of thoses lessons learned to task...they have raped this country of all the good it has ever done throughout the world, they have made liars of our people and our children, they have decieved even God himself in these last months...they will be dealt with accordingly for the laws of God are far more mighty than any man-made or bush-made dogma. His law is forever and he will only tolerate that which we can bear, and we are all standing on the tightrope of the end of our endurance...we are tired, most of us are poor, where are we to go? Lady liberty no longer stands tall holding her arms out to immigrants unless they are prepared to endure the agonies of a period in history of slavery untold. The news is out, the records are clear, the world has suffered unimaginably over the last 5 years and unless action is taken today, this suffering will only continue and become the boil, the infectious disease that no man made medicine will be able to heal...flus, bombs, beatings, suicide bombings on the rise, starvation, aids, and no human left to care for it has become a society out to survive only for the end of the day there is nothing left to give, there is no hope for the youth---our jails here especially on the local levels are overcrowded to a point where people are being incarcerated in Texas??? Abortion---the issue of today???Death Penalty???Euthanasia for who???

So Ron your question alluding to the American Dream, hey it once was, but will not be again until all of unite and fight to get our country back!!!Until then Sir Stevens there is no use in fantasizing about the American Dream...for it no longer exists, not the way it once did...

8:35 PM, January 24, 2006  
Anonymous diane marie said...

PSS and whilesth we speak of the death of the american dream, let us one and all take a moment to recognize the brutal demise of democat in her ingestion of cayenne pepper, may she rest in the great litter box above and sprinkle some down upon our heads to wake us up to what is really going on in this country and in the world...miss you democat, and always will...may your voice continue to reiterate from the great beyond with the many words of wisdom you have so valiently shared with both KPSA and the blogs--- always your number one fan:::writer...

8:39 PM, January 24, 2006  
Anonymous Democat said...

You were very elequent in your description of the demise of the American Dream (for MOST of us, not the wealthiest or most corrupt/ruthless.)
I do not think that I have been especially eloquent on the show, although I have tried to share some of my opinions and some information. I doubt I will be missed by anyone but my friends who I can talk to anytime. :-)Lonna is a much better source of info than I am. Other listeners can and should call the show. I have tried to promote the show and get more listeners/callers, but it almost seems like a lost cause, kind of like trying to get people in Roswell to come out and protest Bush and his stupid war!! Anyway, call it a timeout rather than a demise, the cayenne pepper was a joke, and hopefully there's no need for a great litter box in the sky. You of all people should know that Heaven would be having 17 cats and never having to clean a litter box again. LOL

12:21 PM, January 25, 2006  
Blogger Dedanna said...

If you were to describe to someone your idea of the American Dream, what would you say? What is it?

Y'mean there actually is one???

9:17 PM, January 25, 2006  
Blogger Dedanna said...

Ok, I can answer this one in a few ways *smirk*:

1) RA RA! Come to America or be born here!

2) Begin by getting employed by some cheap-sh* employer, work your arse off for very little... regardless of your skills, experience, etc.

3) Find some run-down dump that is being run by some cheap-sh* renter or owner, pray that you can pay for it with your cheap-sh* pay.

4) Learn that food costs money too...

5) Learn that everything costs money, and that you're not really being paid what you're worth...

6) Learn that your home isn't exactly being kept up (oh, does it even heat you???)...

7) Learn that somehow you've GOT to get better pay to pay for your run-down dump and your food (actually, necessities in life for ANYONE), and then you realize...

8) OOPS! That's right, I have to be able to pay for doctors, for medical care, because *someday* I'll come down with something that maybe, just MAYBE MIGHT cost some damned MONEY...

9) So, we move on from there, searching for an employer who, just out of the goodness of their hearts might NOT actually pay cheap-sh* for a good employee in order to make a profit...

10) OH, but there isn't one!!! Because the American employer is such a cheap-shit that he/she is going to pay you as little as possible for the most anyone can do.

11) The bottom $. THAT is the great, glorious American Dream, folks. Work your arse off for nothin', get into debt, and hope and pray that there's a light at the end of the tunnel someday.

Wake up to reality. It's all about MONEY.

9:35 PM, January 25, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dedanna's comments were pretty good. Why not say simply that the dream for most of today's Americans is survival.

12:29 PM, January 26, 2006  
Anonymous Dramacat said...

Listened to the show today, expecting some comments on last nite's Party meeting where a number of Democratic candidates for state and local elections were introduced. Didn't happen, but was glad I tuned in because the show was great today. :-) Always nice to hear Lonna, Diane, etc., but had kinda expected a call from Maniac/Linda today. Oh well, c'est la vie. Loved hearing the interview with Howard Dean, esp. since I missed seeing it on TV. Ron was really good today, showing once again why he should have a NATIONAL show! :-)
Anyway, the topic of the so called liberal media was a good one (What liberal media? Oh, right- Democracy Now", "Air America", and a few others while there are zillions of Anal Cyst Guy clones out there spewing rightwing hate and propaganda to the sheep.) Should have mentioned why not just how the media is doing this-because it is corporate owned and they love those darn tax breaks Bush is giving them. But gosh, if people weren't so afraid of terrorists here at home that they are willing to give up their freedoms to protect their freedoms, they might start questioning whether General Electric (NBC), Disney (ABC), Viacom (CBS), etc. should be getting huge tax breaks while the returns of working and middle class taxpayers are frozen by the IRS. God forbid, that should happen!
Re: Kerry and Gore running in '08-well, they both won their elections and each should've been President rather than the rodeo clown who is due to the two fraudulent and stolen elections. Kerry's my hero and I will support him all the way, and still think he was threatened into conceding the election. At any rate, the
Bush League has been so unethical and so incompetent while the GOP has bent over backwards to kiss The Hammer's backside on everything, that there should be a huge backlash where Dems would win in a landslide. I mean, come on, Jon Stewart and Bill Maher should be able to run as a team and win the election. I would even vote for Hillary. (Would much prefer Boxer or Pelosi.) How about Kerry w/Feingold, Clark, Murtha, Richardson, or Edwards as running mate? Are we supposed to believe that the Dems who are mad at Kerry are so stupid that they would let a Republican get elected just to get even with Kerry for conceding? We'd have to be as dumb as the dittoheads say we are-right?

12:35 PM, January 27, 2006  
Anonymous Dramacat said...

Has Lonna announced that we are planning to have a 3rd Anniversary of The Iraq War protest in March? There should be protests all over the country. It would be nice if ours wasn't just me, Lonna, The Donkey, and a couple of other people. Roswell sure couldn't be called The Home of the Brave, not by any stretch of the imagination, that's for sure. Non-violent protest is NOT unpatriotic regardless of what the dittoheads say (speaking of dittoheads, there's a Yahoo article about Ann Coulter joking about poisoning Justice Stevens). We're in for a long hard fight but that doesn't mean we shouldn't fight. Will end with some lines from one of my favorite Seals & Crofts songs "We May Never Pass This Way Again".
"...Dreams, so they say/Are for the fools and they let 'em drift away/Peace, like the silent dove/Should be flyin' but it's only just begun
Like Columbus in the olden days/We must gather all our courage/Sail our ships out on the open seas/Cast away our fears and/All the years that come and go/Take us up, always up
We may never pass this way again..."
Whether Roswellites believe in reincarnation or not, it may be their last chance to fight for peace, justice, etc., so I hope they will turn out and join Lonna and me in March. :-)

1:41 PM, January 27, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, I said I would put the link to my latest article up, and here it is

I had a letter citing statistics on abortion in the paper yesterday as well. There are the most abortions in poor, (usually catholic) countries where ALL abortions are illegal. There are the fewest abortions in Belgium and licentious Holland, where everyone has health care and there is a social safety net as well as sex education not limited to the teaching of "abstinence only," the education program in America mandated by people who did not practice abstinence themselves, and whose children obviously don't.

I am going to put some pictures of D.U. babies in "the God Factor" section of my book with a link to more pictures of all the Iraqi babies deformed, possibly because of America's use of D.U. weapons on that country (England and the U.S. are the only countries who have ever used D.U. -- D.U. weapons are illegal, as is "whiskey pete" which we also use.) I am going to ask the people who do not think these babies should have been aborted if they would like to raise them since they, too, are casualties of war due solely to America's oil wars.


8:23 AM, January 28, 2006  
Anonymous Dramacat said...

Happy Chinese New Year to all of the bloggers!
(I hear everyone born in The Year of the Dog is supposed to have bad luck this year-not good for me, as I was born in the Year of the Dog, except that our non-President was also born in The Year of the Dog (pitbull), so maybe he will be impeached which will make up for it all. :-) )

3:49 PM, January 29, 2006  
Blogger BeWitchingWizard said...

Effective Immediately: The Maniacs are as good as Dead, Since the demise of the only Liberal Talk Show in Roswell. Demise, yes because the tightass Republican Owner has already informed us that it is his radio station, and his Disc Jockey. We believe in free speech and honor and dignity, and standing up to Conceited Pricks like John Dunn. Yes go ahead and defend him Ron - you will be the only one, you'd think that would tell you something, but you have to really care and not worry about this crappy employment or should we say concentration camp. We'll move on where the true voice of America can be heard.

Too Bad America died in Roswell with the damn republicans and John Dunn's Radio Station No Free Speech. So Long we aren't fooled for a minute

The Maniacs

And a Democratic Meeting???????????????????????what a fucking farce no wonder the Democrats never get any where here JOKE!!!!!

Plus one more thing
Thank You Republicans for all The Deaths In This country and Iraq.

5:58 PM, January 30, 2006  
Blogger Dedanna said...

Well, Maniacs, as I said in my last post...

It's all about MONEY, and cheap-sh* employers....


Previously having known the particular man spoken of here, I can agree with you on this one.

Sorry Ron, it's the truth. If John didn't care just about catering to the particular Republican majority of listeners, then he would allow honest free speech, and liberal input. But then, he never really did, so...

The thing is though Maniacs, are you just going to run away and leave every time you hear and see something you don't like? How about standing up to it instead, and making what you have to say more hard-hitting (this coming from someone who couldn't hear the aforementioned radio program, as I'm no longer in the listening area myself)? I wonder about that. Please, hang around, our points will get through to someone someday. :)

8:16 PM, January 30, 2006  
Blogger Dedanna said...

Oh, and btw, "survival" is a good term. If one can survive, then supposedly one's made it.

Isn't there something better than just pure "survival"???

Nope, not in America. That's my point. There is no American Dream left.

8:18 PM, January 30, 2006  
Anonymous Dramacat said...

May The Maniacs rest in PEACE. I might, also, mention that what killed them was an allergic reaction to the sound of "Bub"'s voice on the show again followed by JD's suggestion that Bob be a guest on the show. :-( (Still think that JD is a pompous brainwashed Republican sheep who is jealous of Ron's intelligence, knowlege, and voice, so he must make fun of Ron on-air to make up for it.) It is always possible that The Maniacs will rise from the ashes like phoenixes. Whether that happens or not Dramacat hopes for the SHOW'S continued success, although she will no longer be a part of it.
Is anyone listening to Bu$h's speech tonite? Not me! I am going to light a blue candle to support my party, read The Prayer of St. Francis, and listen to protest music.

3:06 PM, January 31, 2006  
Anonymous Dramacat said...

Did what I said I would and missed all the GOP propaganda last night. However, was asked to listen to the show this am/take notes because a friend was going to have to miss it. So, I heard more than enough about it. Am definitely NOT voting for Domenici ever again!! He has lost all credibility with me after the way he has continued to support this totally unethical and corrupt Administraion and its Un-President.
So, Bu$h gave a good speech. So did another fascist leader-Hitler-who became dictator of Nazi Germany because he was a charismatic speaker. And we all know that this Administration says one thing and does another. We should unite? Brave words from the guy who has done more to divide the U.S. than anyone but the anal cyst guy, and who thinks bi-partisanship means that Democrats should also bend over to kiss The Hammer's butt.
We're supposed to believe he wants to invest in alternative fuel research? He's an oilman, his daddy is an oilman, Cheney, etc. are oilmen. Give me a break! And you can bet, that the talk about a 75% reduction in our dependence on foreign oil means a new push to drill in ANWR. All the talk about his immoral war, his failed foreign policy, defending his unethical and unpatriotic and downright criminal behavior (spying, etc.), global economic dominance for PNAC, and the idea of healthcare savings accounts-oh, puhleeze. No one should buy this but the sheep who will buy anything he says. Also, yeah, we should give mucho money for math/science, but they'll, also, cut money for the arts except for the band that plays at athletic events (God forbid, we should cut money for athletics instead of art/music/drama). This is all about business/competition over all else.
You can bet that the Un-Liberal media won't say anything much in this vein, but I heard that on "Democracy Now" the speech was very much criticized.

4:59 PM, February 01, 2006  
Blogger Dedanna said...

It is always possible that The Maniacs will rise from the ashes like phoenixes.

So, how many times does this make it now, Ron? LOL. Say they're gone, then be right back? I remember at least three or four times --

10:28 AM, February 12, 2006  
Blogger Dedanna said...

What kind of life would you have on an individual basis if you were living the American dream.

Let's see, in a nice house, not too large, not too small, with very little reliability on gas. Enough money to eat on, and enough to pay bills, but not rich or filthy rich. A job that pays what I'm worth, but one that I wouldn't feel that I'm taking advantage, either.

True free religion for all, and there is no place, and wouldn't be a place for "political correctness" in my life.

And, it would all be just to the north of Toronto, in a nice suburb there -- LOL.

There's an alternate one, too. One where I can be in Indonesia, or somewhere similar, working myself very hard at openly and honestly helping others, yet being able to afford to live myself; not richly, but comfortably only.

There you have it. My American dream. Anywhere and everywhere but in America.

9:12 PM, February 13, 2006  

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