Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Let's Have A Fair Up Or Down Vote

I've never seen such a bunch of power hungry hypocrites and bullshitters in my life. I'm just astounded that anyone with an intelligence level over tella tubbies would follow or believe in the sincerity of these tyrants.

Today King George announced seventeen -- count 'em seventeen -- recess appointments, many of whom would have faced serious confirmation problems. Kos tells us that the three appointments to the Federal Election Commission never even had nomination hearings. No opportunity to even face questioning. None. Zero. Zip.

Ok Bill Frist, GW et al. Tell me about how everyone deserves a hearing and a fair up or down vote again. Seems you are only principled when it is to your advantage. The fascists are lucky they have the robots to pliantly follow along.


Anonymous Democat said...

Ya just gotta love the idea of The Bu$hrat appointing someone who helped disenfranchise thousands of black voters in both elections, thereby helping Bu$h and The Puppet Master steal the elections from Gore and Kerry-Not!! Gosh, I hope Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton start screaming about this big time. Once again-hope that this is the year of impeachment for both Bu$h and Cheney, that Rove is fired, and that The Hammer will go to the slammer for a LONG time!

4:06 PM, January 05, 2006  

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