Sunday, December 18, 2005

Sunday Editorial

Can We Save Our Republic

I've been watching the news all afternoon especially in re the NSA deal. I'm going to do something I rarely do on this blog. I'm going to editorialize. No links, no "proof". Just the facts as I see them. When one does that the right will gleefully jump and say..that's the problem with libs all emotion. You bet I'm emotional!!! I'm fighting mad! The people remaining that would support this travesty are just plain robots. I suggest that instead of debating you go back to your 11th grade civics class and refresh yourself on the constitution, what our country was founded on and what our troops are suppose to be dying for.
First let's look at the fearmongering on terrorism because that is the crux of all these violations.
Now I know many have never given this consideration before but just how do the terrorists take over and destroy our way of life? We know there is no way they can beat us militarily. These are guys using donkey carts and rpgs. Hell even the planes they flew into the twin towers weren't theirs. This is the freakin juggernaut that makes us give up our civil liberties?! The people that cost 300 billion to fight!? Isn't there a more effective way to do this? We felled the Soviet Union by basically making them go broke. This is something we might all want to keep in mind.

Any one who disagrees with the pResidents plan and methods is cast as "weak on terror". Blatant spin. Because someone feels the path is not defeating terrorism but adding to it, that there is a better more cost effective way to do this is not "weak on terror", but smart. Weak on terror translation to real speak: In favor of winning. This whole deal is benched on the idea that you can use guilt and fear to push people into neocon alignment. .........Bite me!
This was known as the land of the free and the home of the brave. The brave ones are in Iraq fighting. The right wing 101st fighting keyboarders just ooze fear out of the very fiber of their being. They are so fearful that they are willing to give up there constitutional liberties...aka freedom. As they would say it "they hate the constitution" . They apparently want it to be the land of the fearful and the home of the police state. Do you believe freedom is free? We ALL must support it, not just our soldiers. If not violating the constitution leaves us open to an attack, I say so be it. It's called being brave enough to live the principals you propose to support. Regardless, I think there are things that can be done to keep us far safer than the methods currently being employed. I don't want the terrorists to win. I want them to lose and hence my opposition to the pResidents plans that make our constitution weaker and usurp our authority in on the world stage.

Lots of apologists for the President asking the NSA to spy on Americans. The first one is the fear mongering one. Ohhh this will make us less safe. Which means I am suppose to believe that the wily juggernaut terrorists don't know that wiretaps can be provided through judical means. As a matter of fact 99% of requests in the "secret" NSA court were granted. If this was really keeping us safer why did they go around the "secret" court and the law of the people.
He's not making me safer by coming up with a "secret" law that he couldn't even tell the "secret" court about. Sorry but in a democracy you don't make up your own rules. That's an aristocracy or a kleptocracy.
The next apologist says "well he told some in congress and they didn't say anything." Ok, let's imagine they had. They'd be beat in the same fashion as Joe Wilson, Richard Clarke, Paul O neil et al. Aiding the terrorists blah blah blah. Notice it DID get out..somebody was very uncomfortable with it, thank God. The paper even held the story for a year! Nancy Pelosi said she strongly objected every time. This was a Bush plan. Not a plan of the American government. That is why it's wrong. If congress would have been included in the making of the law and public debate had been done then it would be acceptable. Of course if there are any Real Americans left it would have never passed. The neocons knew it too and hence the Bush plan.
Next apologist says it was only used on the bad guys. Then why not follow the law? Why leave this no oversight open to any one cabal? They are all wildly weak arguments...that's what happens when you are (W)rong.
We could do a lot of things to protect Americans. We could let the police stand outside the bar and arrest drunk drivers. We could make everyone wear a helmet in a car. We could make smoking and drinking totally illegal. We could make cars that wouldn't go over 70 and make a law that none could own one one that would go faster. We could bar anyone who had a violent arrest from owning or possessing a gun. How about another law to sneek and peek into their house to see if they have one....oh I forgot, that part of the law is already in place. This "we are just protecting Americans" is blahooey. If that is what you are doing...Please...Quit it already!!! I'm not too comfortable with your "protection". I feel LESS protected by your "protection".

A final note on the defeat of the Patriot act. The "protectors of freedom" will still have the patriot act authority to continue investigations that have been started/are in progress. Since all the large terrorist groups , al queda, hamas et al are already being investigated, in reality it will not harm the war on terror and sadly may not make much difference for freedom loving Americans. They will still be subject to the police state. They just have to say you are a suspect under one of their cases. Like the Quakers being under investigation for opposing the war. They still have files in the Pentagon on freedom loving, God loving Americans. Even though they have determined there is not a terrorist among them...duh.
Next time the neocons talk about your war on terror check their statements for fearmongering or guilt tripping...don't let the bastards intimidate you. Free America!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is so hard not to despair!! The WTO and the World Bank run the world to the detriment of the people. Government of, by and for corporations, and the people are too ignorant to see it. The media does not report it. Leveling mountains in Appalachia. Leaving toxic pits in Ecuador. All to save a short term buck at the expense of our envirnoment and the worlds people.

I just read an article on how stupid college grads are now. Ignorance of the public is the ONLY thing that can keep these people in power. They love it!!
Another Iraq vet is running as a Democrat, though. Progress is coming in awareness, but will it be enough and will it be soon enough? Those are the $64,000 questions.


9:24 PM, December 18, 2005  
Blogger BeWitchingWizard said...

For all of those who wish to make our congress earn their living, here's the phone numbers to call, they are just waiting for hear from you the voter. And Be Sure it will decide how you vote - republicans love that especially after evidence of how America feels about Liars: Your Choice

these are all 505 area codes and local offices here in Roswell.

Jeff Bingaman (D) 622-7113
Pete Domenci (R) 623-6170
Steve Pearce (R) 622-0055

Republicans desparately need to hear form you, since they have been blind to the American Public for so long and besides most of them are just Bush Babies and do as he turn wants them to do, since Bush robots they are.

The Maniac and for you republicans An American something your still trying to copy

7:30 PM, December 19, 2005  
Blogger Ron said...

Thanks for those numbers, we much appreciate your efforts.

9:29 PM, December 19, 2005  

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