Thursday, December 15, 2005

Surprise! Not True Again

Congressional Research Office when asked if the President saw the same intelligence as Congress:

By virtue of his constitutional role as commander-and-in-chief and head of the executive branch, the President has access to all national intelligence collected, analyzed and produced by the Intelligence Community. The President's position also affords him the authority - which, at certain times, has been aggressively asserted (1) - to restrict the flow of intelligence information to Congress and its two intelligence committees, which are charged with providing legislative oversight of the Intelligence Community. (2) As a result, the President, and a small number of presidentially-designated Cabinet-level officials, including the Vice President (3) - in contrast to Members of Congress (4) - have access to a far greater overall volume of intelligence and to more sensitive intelligence information, including information regarding intelligence sources and methods.

The executive branch generally does not routinely share with Congress four general types of intelligence information:

the identities of intelligence sources;

the "methods" employed by the Intelligence Community in collecting and analyzing intelligence;

"raw" intelligence, which can be unevaluated or "lightly" evaluated intelligence,
(18) which in the case of human intelligence (19) sometimes is provided by a single source, but which also could consist of intelligence derived from multiple sources when signals (20) and imagery (21) collection methods are employed; and, certain written intelligence products tailored to the specific needs of the President and other high-level executive branch policymakers.

Included in the last category is the President's Daily Brief (PDB), a written intelligence product which is briefed daily to the President, and which consists of six to eight relatively short articles or briefs covering a broad array of topics. (22) The PDB emphasizes current intelligence (23) and is viewed as highly sensitive, in part, because it can contain intelligence source and operational information. Its dissemination is thus limited to the President and a small number of presidentially-designated senior administration policymakers. (24)

Get the full paper here

How could anyone with even a little civic understanding of our government even imagine that that statement would be true? They know better. It works as any old excuse to justify their world view so they accept it. The end justifies the means. That's what it's all about for these guys...and gals.
Notice the points listed above work in neatly with the missing important details.
From "Curveball" to Chalibi to the Niger fakes. Sorry, these guys did not misinterpret the intelligence and the intelligence was not failing us. It was their use of it. They intentionally ignored anything that would cause them or anyone else to question their preconceived plan.


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