Sunday, January 01, 2006

Sunday Editorial

Protecting Us

Keeping America Free For Democracy

The pResident has once again spoken out on the NSA controversy. He says that it was only used on Americans who have recieved phone calls from" suspected terrorist numbers." However the hell that works.? ...This revelation has harmed national security and hurt our fight on the war on terror. ...They will be searching for the "leaker". ....Well, gee he was just trying to do his job, no problem with that.
Actually plenty wrong with that. Why do people assume GWB has the ONLY plan for fighting terror. What if...just by chance.....he turns out to have a HORRIBLE one? Anybody up for at least being open to debating alternatives?
First let's look at why what the pResident said is debatable at the least. Apparently there were thousands of these, unauthorized. We have that many "terrorists" in America? Geez man, start "protecting us". I would assume that if these were legit you would be able to go to the secret court and do it in the way we have set up for you to protect us. You didn't, even though you could have gone up to 72 hours later for the authority. Are you guys to lazy to do the paper work to "protect us"? Figure it's just a bunch of stupid pieces of paper anyway? ...Maybe like the Constitution?
The story as I piece it together so far is that begining in 2003 the court DID start rejecting many of the warrants, or asked for more conditions to be met. They didn't like it so they just struck out on their own. After all who needs the stupid court anyway. Here is my question to the Bush supporters....Where is the line? Can he do anything in the name of "protecting us"? What are his limits..Some of this would like to have this debate ahead of time.
Harmed National Security? Only the dumbest of terrorists would think the most technologically advanced nation...or at least advanced military...would not know that being monitored was of very high probability. As a matter of fact I have read that they went to couriers a long time ago..person to person. I don't know if it is true but it makes sense. I figure time and money could be better spent, in any case, doing it differently.
Catch the leaker? What leaker? This is another good example of the right wing nature of the media. If the president violated the law this person would be a whistle blower. Valerie Plame was doing nothing a matter of fact she was working on hunting down weapons of mass destruction. Reaveling her identity was a leak. At least.
Knowing and reporting the president is violating the balance of powers in the Constitution is whistle blowing. Whoever did it is a patriot.

Let's actually have a real HOMELAND security effort.
1. ALTERNATIVE ENERGY- This would solve so many of our problems yet there is a lazzie- faire attitude to it.
2.Round up the lose nukes. We may not get them all but the fewer out there the better.
3.Secure our toxic chemical facilities and transportation of those chemicals. What a disaster waiting to happen! Of course we won't do this because that would cost big business money. Eventually they will decide that we the tax payers ought to pay for it. Why? Aren't these companies interested in securing America too? Where's their patriotism?
4. Fully fund and equip first responders.
5. Provide incentive and organization to develop new technology for detection of wmd in ports, on trucks etc.
6. BE BRAVE! Show the terrorists they have no chance of victory by maintaining or freedoms and liberties .

Certainly this is a far from inclusive list. These are just a few things that we might spend our money and time on that could benifit us more than our kill'em all direction. At times military action is unavoidable. The high road calls us to set the bar very high.

Oh yes, and if you are talking to Al Queda we'd like to know about it...please check in with the White House immediately.


Anonymous Democat said...

Oh, Yuk!! Ya gotta really hate the photo that goes along with this one, don't you? It could give a person nightmares.

1:19 PM, January 06, 2006  

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