Monday, June 13, 2005

Problems Not Over Yet

The ooey gooey problems of the rich.

Jackson is required to maintain a pool of $3 million. However, he recently missed a $350,000 payment to the pool, prompting his lenders to threaten to call the loan, according to sources close to Jackson. Jackson has been facing a cash crisis for some time. In addition to the $69 million loan, he has received another loan for $270 million, secured by his 50% stake in Sony/ATV. Jackson's stake in that business is valued at about $450 million. That loan, however, is due at the end of this year, meaning that Jackson's financial troubles will mount if not addressed.

Sometimes it's ok to be an average joe/jane.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Donkey remembers a radio host saying that important stories were being ignored. Stories like the Downing Street Memo, The Plame scandal, Bulldog Guckert, Government Propaganda.

The Donkey also remembers the same radio host going on about how much time was wasted on stories like Michael Jackson and the runaway bride.

Today the same radio host talked about a book about Hillary Clinton and gave free air time to horrid lies from the book.

Talking about media coverage of worthless stories is just as worthless. Also talking at great lengths about the tacky medicine ads and advertisements for hygine products is more vulgar than the ads.

If you want to talk about Michael Jackson, go ahead. It is better than hearing you go on about how the media spends to much time on Michael Jackson.

The best news story the Donkey heard today was no American soldier was blown up today.

11:17 PM, June 13, 2005  
Blogger Ron said...

radio host did preemptive strike on Hillary book. Noting its insanity before someone tried to tell them to take it seriously.
Donkey must have been listening to different station discussing medicine ads and hygine products or micheal jackson. Wasn't discussed on hosts show.
want micheal jackson? you get it. Today talked about health care, distribution of wealth to the rich, taxes and other important items.
What would Donkey like to talk about? Show is always open and anyone that listens knows that. Donkey should find discussion important to him and talk about it instead of whining.

11:52 PM, June 13, 2005  
Anonymous Bob said...

Ron, I missed most of your show on Monday so I missed the part where you discussed the new book on Ms. Clinton. Interestingly, the right-wing blogs are warning each other off on running with the new allegations. Here is but a sample:

"by bulldogpundit on Sunday, 12 June 2005 (23:22:49) EDT
Contributed by bulldogpundit

Drudge is reporting that a new book about Hillary contains bombshell allegations that Chelsea was conceived when Bill raped her. This is a scurrilous allegation that our side should steer clear from for a variety of reasons. First, because something like that shouldn't be said without direct proof, which this guy doesn't have. Second, as much as I can't stand these 2, I can't imagine it's true (yes, I know the Juanita Broaddrick story is out there and she seems somewhat credible) and if I'm right it's not fair to them or Chelsea that this stuff is being bandied about. Hillary is reportedly PO'ed, and quite frankly, I don't blame her one bit.

Worst of all, it gives real ammo to the so-far bogus lament of hers that she's a "victim" of a right wing conspiracy. Folks, if we buy into this, and if those that do go to far, we all look dumb. We can beat her on ideas, we don't need to be pushing this crap."

A lot of others are echoing this sentiment, so I would be surprised if this book as any long lasting legs. This new book will go the way of Kitty Kelly's book. A flash, a bang, and it is gone. It will make a lot of money for many Americans are addicted to low down stories on celebrities, but as for making a political difference, I really doubt it.

Awaiting with breathless anticipation for my personal spellchecker, the bonnacon-donkey.

6:18 AM, June 14, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Donkey did not whine. At no time did the Donkey utter a high-pitched plaintive or distressed cry. Even if the Donkey were to whine, how would Ron hear it.

The Donkey heard Ron this morning. Ron claimed to have a complaint about Ron talking about Michael Jackson. The Donkey's post is for every one to see. It cleary stated like MJ.

Your use of the preemptive strike puts you in good company. This link shows you who else likes to stike first.

Bob's post was interesting, it that it contradicts his refusal to discuss any thing with the Donkey, not even spelling, and also his intention to refer to me as a bonnacon. As every one can see he called the Donkey a bonnacon-donkey. The Donkey thinks it is interesting that Bob now has to hyphenate words to insult the Donkey. Knowing Bob is awaiting with breathless anticipation is realy knowing more than the Donkey wants to know.

11:02 PM, June 14, 2005  

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