Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Time For A Chuckle

Let's seeeeee. 5 Wives is family values and 6 is insulting defamation....Ok dude..His "good name" is restored.

For example, Seminole County Republican Party chairman Jim Stelling sued Nancy Goettman, a fellow Republican official who wrote a letter to state party leaders that claimed Stelling had been married six times. The letter, which Stelling called "unconscionable," may have prevented Stelling from becoming state Republican chairman. He lost a runoff for the position days after the letter was disseminated.
"I believe in family values," Stelling said during last week's trial, explaining why he felt the need to file suit to clear his name.
Stelling told the court the letter defamed him, because he has, in fact, been married only five times.
The judge prevented Goettman, who served as her own lawyer, from pursuing several lines of questioning, including her attempts to force Stelling to tell the court how many times he has patronized Rachel's, a local strip club.
In the end, Stelling won his suit, but the judge ruled he had suffered no financial damage and awarded him no money. Nevertheless, Stelling said the verdict succeeded in "restoring my good name."
We'll let the public judge that.


Anonymous Bob said...

Sounds to me that Stelling was angry at her for maybe costing him the election, so he did what every red-blooded American does nowadays----sue for money. He was probably less concerned about 'his good name' than he was for the possible bucks. Looks like he lost all the way around. Now there is a pin head.

8:16 PM, June 10, 2005  

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