Monday, June 06, 2005

Your Tax Dollars At Work

Well, here is quite the story from New Mexico.

The story centers around Chuck Montano, one of a group of Los Alamos auditors who were supposed to look over the lab's accounts with outside vendors. What he found: "Vendors could charge whatever they wanted." 10,000 purchases out of 56,000 shouldn't have been allowed. Another 38,000 were questionable. "Vendors routinely overbilled and double-billed -- and yet were paid, no questions asked," Attkisson notes. (And you wonder why lab employee tried to buy camping gear and a Mustang with government credit cards.)

Not really suprising I guess but a really sad truth. Here's the link to what he looked like when they got done. Probably won't hear much about this on that darned liberal media.


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