Sunday, June 12, 2005

It's Your Money

From the Denver Post:
It has been nearly three months since three individuals were removed from President Bush's Social Security town hall in Denver," ............The Secret Service's job is to protect the president from harm, not embarrassment. Determining that the person who ran off Bauer, Weise and Young was not an agent - as the Secret Service says it has - is not enough.
The guy who did this wore an earpiece and lapel pin like an agent. Bauer, Weise and Young say the man refused to identify himself but acted like an agent.
He told them to leave before Bush arrived, ........Newly disclosed memos prove that only those who agree with the president on privatizing retirement accounts get to speak at Bush's Social Security roadshow, even though it is paid for by taxpayers of all political persuasions.
At a recent forum in New York, Bush actually used the word "propaganda" to describe what he is doing. ..............The continuing silence makes it look like the White House has manipulated the Secret Service into something the agency must never become: A political arm of the president.

Most of us are well aware of being omitted from the pResidents family gatherings. But now we find he may have his own private police force. Paid for by you and me. More proof everyday that this is not the President of all the people. The most undemocratic President in history.


Blogger Dedanna said...

I can't back it up with urls right now, because I no longer have them, but I'd always heard, and read, that GWB's security from day one was the biggest and hardest to crack, and the most expensive... that he has more personal cops, bouncers, private secret service, etc. than anyone in history.

So what you say above comes as no surprise...

6:34 PM, June 14, 2005  

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