Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Like A New Puppy, The Eyes Open

How long has much of America been saying the military invasion won't work. If they'd listened to us ...well

"I think the more accurate way to approach this right now is to concede that ... this insurgency is not going to be settled, the terrorists and the terrorism in Iraq is not going to be settled, through military options or military operations," Brig. Gen. Donald Alston, the chief U.S. military spokesman in Iraq, said last week, in a comment that echoes what other senior officers say. "It's going to be settled in the political process."
Gen. George W. Casey, the top U.S. commander in Iraq, expressed similar sentiments, calling the military's efforts "the Pillsbury Doughboy idea" - pressing the insurgency in one area only causes it to rise elsewhere. "Like in Baghdad," Casey said during an interview with two newspaper reporters, including one from Knight Ridder, last week. "We push in Baghdad - they're down to about less than a car bomb a day in Baghdad over the last week - but in north-center (Iraq) ... they've gone up," he said.

....in a Memorial Day interview on CNN's "Larry King Live," Vice President Dick Cheney said he believed the insurgency was in its "last throes."

Didn't everyone quit listening to him a long time ago? Has he said ANYTHING that turned out to be right?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Donkey has read The Raw Story. It is a news blog like no other. The link is:http://rawstory.com/ and http://www.rawstory.com/exclusives/muriel/path_of_war_timeline_613.htm.

The Donkey gets sick knowing why this war happened. The Donkey wonders when people will wake up and ask why WTC building 7 fell? Why did the CIA not stop the terrorist attacks? Did Bush ever finish reading the story of the pet goat?

11:36 PM, June 14, 2005  

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