Friday, June 02, 2006

The PNACers And Wingnut Apologists Are Responsible

The Haditha situation is a very sad one. And now more is being said about other atrocities. First let me note that I have read stories of many Iraqis blaming Americans for every explosion and every combat death in the country. Kind of the equivalent of the right that sees an evil liberal under every rock over here. Haditha seems like an authentic complaint but as you may note, as is always my policy, I have been slow to comment on this until I felt reasonably certain what the stories on both sides were. I am suspect on some of the others because of the wingnut equivalent in Iraq.
It seems Rushbo thinks we should lower the bar to the point of the "insurgents" saying look at how many they have killed. The right does this on a regular basis. The equivalent of "so am I but what are you". Pointless bonehead comments the Rush lives up to and exceeds everyday. I am now convinced after listening to him for a week that he is, if not the dumbest man on the planet, certainly vying for a bronze or a silver. A sickening hateful apologist. He does it everyday. Apologist, Apologist, Apologist all day long.
Regardless I have to say I don't know if I could do what our troops are doing over there without cracking. Walking among the citizenry never knowing when an explosive will go off or who will suddenly shoot at them. I feel sure I would crack. Especially if I see my comrades face get blown off. I am not condoning what the Haditha soliders did. We need to hold them responsible. That shows the world that we have at least some ethics and values as a nation. Something that is badly needed these days to refurbish our image.
The fact is that these people have been put in an untenable position with lies and a failed, poor battle plan. These are not the "terrorists" that attacked America. These are Iraqis having a civil war. Get our troops out, start a war against oil and let them live in the 12th century all they want. Let them kill each other over religion all they want. We will never stop it and this is going to get worse for America, Americans and our troops the longer we are there.


Anonymous Marc88200 said...

Herr O'Really has for a second time put out the prop that it was the Americans that killed the SS troops at Malmedey. It was of course the SS who executed over 100 U.S. Soldiers. This time it was to attack those who are seeking and reporting the truth about the civilians killed in Iraq.
As if you can compare civilians and children to SS troops in a unit named after Hitler. Now, he cliams he said that the atrocities
by Americans occured after Malmedey
And Faux news has corrected (put in the Orwellian Memory Hole) the transcript of his program to indicate that he was referring to Normandy. Play back of his program on, among other places, MSNBC's Olberman Countdown program, show both of these excueses to be false. Among other things O'Really is a Nazi Sympathizer. This should not be a surprise. If Justice is ever done, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Bush and other members of the administration
and fellow gang members in corps and corp controlled "liberal"
media will stand trial for their crimes against humanity in global Nurenburg style trials.

3:29 PM, June 02, 2006  
Blogger Ron said...

Here is a link to the video from Countdown.

Wingnuttia loves to make comparisons to the past. I heard el rushbo do it the other day. A caller noted that in ww2 we were fighting actual countries where here we are suppose to be fighting terrorists and not the entire country of Iraq...all he could says was "hemmmm hawwww. you have a point but I was just trying to blah blah blah."

7:26 AM, June 03, 2006  
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