Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Minister Of Disinformation

I've had a chance to spend a little more time with El Rushbo lately. Please pass the Maalox! What the ape regularly says is bad enough but the people that call and fawn and dittoes him are just disgusting. Truly, what is the matter with these people? I'm not looking for an apologist(rush), I'm looking for someone who can use common sense and tell me what he/she thinks. Like this, or this or this.
There is precious little common sense and lots of emotion and show business. If he would let an informed person debate him he would lose everytime. Either that or he would have to admit the truth. ..Which he did when confronted by a caller. The caller was interested to find out why he had focused so much on Rep. Jefferson(rush refers to him as William Jefferson DEMOCRAT Louisiana) while at the same time saying very little about the Repub. Governors and such involved in scandal. The caller noted that what Jefferson did was wrong and should not be condoned but noted confusion on why he got far more coverage by "Americas Anchorman" than all the others. Of course we all know the answer. Rush hemmed and hawed and finally admitted that he was there to bring "balance" to the " Liberal-drive by(whatever that means) media. In other words he admitted that he really only cared about wrong doing when Dems or Liberals doing it. Not at all like the people at the links listed above. Does rushs' common sense tell him that this qualifies him to be the "truth detector" as he claims?
El Rushbo was really pissed at Al Gore today because he called those in charge a bunch of renegade rightwing extremists. I listened and I still don't know quite what his rage was about. If it is name calling MR. Feminazi has no room for comment. If he thinks Al is wrong(I think that is what it was) he sure didn't even start to convince me. I heard nothing Rush said that would make that seem untrue. Of course it is not untrue. If you disagree I need to hear your definition of Right, Moderate or Centrist and Left. Rush also blasted Gore as the most boring, stiff politician. I seem to remember rush and the other sundry apologists noting how "emotional" Gore was and how out of control he was after various speeches he gave. Is he an emotional madman or boring and stiff. Apparently Rushs' view of Al depends on what drugs Rush has taken on a given day. A rather unclear picture if you are looking to Rush for the answer.

It's as plain as the nose on your face that these people do nothing to benefit the average American. It's all about the corporations, globalists and the rich. How can someone not see that? How can you read the Neo-con PNAC agenda and not know exactly why we are at war?
How can the "Doctor of Democracy" defend anything that has the scent of Constitutional impropriety. That must be that wit that his fans talk about, you know, telling jokes again.
The show reminds me of a movie. A chance to escape reality for a couple of hours.
I couldn't compromise my principals, values or belief in the Real America designed by my forefathers enough to do a show like that. I would be guiltridden and ashamed to spew the trash that he spews everyday. Not for all the money, fame, popularity that I could possibly want. Maybe that dooms me to "non stardom" but that is fine with me if we get our country back.


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