Sunday, May 14, 2006

Seniors Call Out The President

The older you are the more you've seen the ups and downs of this country and the more Presidents you have directly lived through. Of course their are many opinions on the performance of our current President, even among seniors. However when a bunch of oldies from North Carolina, of all places , decide that this is too much for even them to abide by then you have a reason for evaluation.

CHAPEL HILL - President Bush should be impeached, Town Council members unanimously decided Monday night.
The vote was the local body's latest foray into national politics. A local Republican dismissed it as a "move of desperation."
Council members supported a petition from the grass-roots Elders for Peace group, which laid out three charges to justify impeachment:

* Bush "lied to Congress and the American people to launch an illegal war of aggression";
* Bush violated human rights by torturing prisoners at home and abroad and detaining suspects with no due process;
* Bush "unleashed a massive unconstitutional wiretap and spying operation against the people of the United States."

"I think this compels us -- you and all thinking people in the United States -- to move for impeachment," said Nancy Elkins, an Elders for Peace member. "If we don't, what are future citizens of our country going to think we were doing when we were allowing all of this?"

Wow, citizens groups moves are moves of desperation.? Is that guy really on our side.
What will people overseas think when we are trying to spread democracy overseas while at the same time destroying our own?
Certainly, if we are able to defeat the enemies of the Constitution, many will look back at this period as the one where fear turned people into sheeple. Hopefully a lesson that will teach us to avoid it in the future.


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