Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Proud Chickenhawks

Are You Scared Yet?

They eat themselves

The wingnuttia has come up with a new "flag" to be proud of. Lets take a look at their new project.

Our friends on the port side of the blogosphere have had quite a time tossing around funny little nicknames for those of us who support the war on terror and use our blogs to express our convictions about it. We've seen the names here at CQ in the comments section -- the term "chickenhawk" has appeared more than once, and others in the blogosphere have assigned us to a unit called the 101st Fighting Keyboardists.

Those of us that support the war on terror? What is a war on terror? Is that like the war on jealousy? It's a tactic not an enemy. Who wouldn't actually be against terror? ..Oh ..wait I know! Teenage girls at the latest scary movie!

Many on the left ..... spend a great deal of effort labeling people rather than providing rational arguments on policy, and even the labels they select don't provide much more than amusement.

Oh you mean like this or this or maybe this for the thin skinned and easily offended or especially this.

That's why Frank J of IMAO, Derek Brigham of Freedom Dogs, and I have decided to create -- for real -- the 101st Fighting Keyboardists and adopt the chicken hawk as our mascot. First of all, the term "fighting keyboardist" describes our efforts pretty well, and we think the pseudo-military terminology is pretty danged amusing.

Certainly not thin skinned but admittedly pretty danged amusing.

Ok moonbats, feverswamp, lets look at comments in wingnuttia land.

It doesn't even matter if you performed military service or are even in the military. I've had written "discussions" with lefty lunatics, and after I told them I'm a Naval Reservist and a Gulf War Vet who volunteered to deploy to Iraq, they wrote back I'm a chickenhawk because I wasn't able to get myself deployed. As if military members can decide where they go or when they go . . .
And of course if I did go there, I'd then be a war criminal, which we all are unless we throw out medals away and slander our comrades, like their hero John Kerry.
There's nothing that can possibly satisfy the goal-post moving, lunatic left ,except agreeing with their seething hatred of this country and everything it stands for.

Is their some big group of lefties calling troops in Iraq war criminals? I haven't even heard the Air America people suggest that. I must have missed that or else it's something they made up so it would be easier to hate liberals. As far as John Kerry goes. I guess this commenter has proved that the truth hurts. Kerry told the truth and that makes the people who want war or find it glorious uncomfortable...Goal post moving like WMD then Saddam,then baathist then deadenders, and on and on. Oh I see what you mean. We hate what people like this commenter turned America into. Real America..you know liberty, freedom, goodguys, shining beacon on the hill..we still love that America.

An actual dissenter comments :My local news is full of stories of single mother soldiers desperately trying to find someone to watch their kids while they are in Iraq, small business owners whose companies go out of business while they are in Afghanistan, etc.
And the response?

So maybe they should think about these thing before signing up--and before re-enlisting.

It's their job to die if the President said so. That's what they signed up for. Even if it turns out they died for a lie and there efforts resulted in catastrophe because of failed leadership. Just do what the Presnit says and shut up..you asked for it! Ah those brave Chickenhawks!

Another brave 101ster says: As I have stated on previous occasions, the great achilles heal of a free society at war in defence of its freedom, is its ability to maintain the support of its citizens.
Wow, maybe maintaining a war is hard cuz God caused us to find it repelling? Afterall war is hell and nobody really should be enjoying that...unless maybe you are the devil.
Maybe vast swaths of the country find thousands dead and hundreds of billions in treasure a bit of overkill(pardon the pun..not intended) for the resulting "benefits". Maybe many find this effort has very little to do with our freedom except the freedom that is being taken away from us in the name of saving it.

And so, I and my keyboard stand at the pass - the weakest point. Armed only with words and whatever wisdom I may have gained along the way, to point to the danger and urge the defenders determination. To clarify the mist of confusion and uncertainty and to defend the vision of our purpose. These are my best weapons and I stand, old and bent and nearly used up, in the critical breach.
Damn Shakesphere, what the hell are you talking about??!!

My fellow moonbats this goes on and on and on with inane pride at any cost, slogans and bullhockey. Read it all here.
Chickenhawks I hope you enjoy your new "flag" and I hope you spend more time looking at what it really turns out to stand for instead of what you dream it to be.


Blogger Dedanna said...


8:29 PM, May 02, 2006  
Blogger BeWitchingWizard said...

Well Ron, Its too bad not many of us listeners and callers to your show weren't informed of what was really going on at Roswell Radio, ie JD and wife and sexual harrassment , and that no matter what you say thats one of the reasons the show is gone, MONEY. so something had to go plus people will talk and....but lets face it KMOU is just another Hick country station and KPSA a sickening big band thingy??? Whats up with that???oh we forgot 1,000 watts, and you put up with all his shit for your job .There are other people that would hire you in this town in a minute but thats your choice , not ours so yes we feel betrayed once again by JD , he must have quite a hold on you. For you to say on one hand you dont give a rats ass and on the other your tooooo loyal to him. oh well
and NO we are not scared about anything this country sucks ass and the people in it are not much better. But if as many that turned out to Protest the immagration thing then maybe there would have been a change oh gosh forgot about cheating, and mission accomplished once those towers imploded.

So Maybe NOvember
and The maniac has had me type this as he is unsure of where you stand???
we really are not part of the Blogging life anyway.

9:24 PM, May 02, 2006  
Blogger Ron said...

My situation is that my family, most notably children, come first before anything else. I need a job that allows me to live and allow me to pay child support. It's called personal responsibility and more importantly it's called love of my children.
I would love to do the talk show elsewhere if they are willing to pay me essentially the same or more. They aren't. Country is not my favorite music but I have learned to appreciate it. When one goes to work everyday trying to make a station, whatever format, number 1, which afterall is the goal, and achieves it it feels good no matter what others might say about your station.
My "loyalty" toward John comes from the fact that he is paying me a living wage and the respect for authority..he is the owner..to the extent that I understand that I work for him and he gives me money for it. Thats the deal. Maybe someday I will have my own but not today.
I really don't give a rats ass about what he does otherwise. As many of you should know well by now, I refuse to be a part of anyones drama. I won't even play. I just let it lay. It repels me. I hate that drama thing.
When its me that will reap the benefits or pay the consequences I'm the decider. I don't want to be involved in John or Pennys or anybody elses personal little dramas and I resist it like the plague.
I'm a liberal, they can do what they want and reap or pay accordingly.

10:36 PM, May 02, 2006  
Blogger BeWitchingWizard said...

First off, I guess your still fishing for that old "personal responsibilty" game, You could work anywhere and as far paying child support well thats your personal matter - kudos for doing something in America - most Americans can't afford nor can their children receive. As far as the radio show goes it was unique, what you do now is not. Drama is the game we all play unless your not human, "All the world is but a stage and we are but the players," you don't have to be part of it, another voice that does not live up to its own reality. The liberal show died not because of John Dunn's daliance but rather his interferance and the fact that he knows nothing about marketing and true promotion. You have the moderate voice and the gift of gab (But now you tell me that you won't stand behind your word) Another radio station should pick up the only different show in this area your talk show, everything else in this town is nothing but a copy, stop looking for excuses and start putting you words into action -forgiveness does not change the past but it does enlarge the future.

11:33 AM, May 03, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It Doesn't take anything special to work for a pervert.

2:48 PM, May 03, 2006  
Blogger Ron said...

So you find personal responsibilty a game? Personal matters when it comes to my children is THE issue. Maybe you dont care but I do, greatly. You say i could work anywhere. If its so easy,put me in touch. Show me how its done.
You'd be suprised how little drama there is in my life. We can have as much soap opera(drama and constant confrontations and intrigue)or as little as we want. It's what we invite. It's what we egg on. I don't want it. Some do.
To a point you are right. Much of the problem was lack of promotion and absolutely no attempt whatsoever to sell the program, along with the limited signal strength. They certainly didn't take it as seriously as you and I did.
Won't stand by my word? Confused.
I agree another station should pick it up. Even conservatives told me they enjoyed hearing another perspective. I really think what they liked is they know I was sincere, wanted the best for the country and was not trying to give them misinformation to blindly defend a party or a "side".
Not making excuses, as a matter of fact I'm doing the opposite. I'm putting what I really want to do on hold to get to a place where i can influence someone to give me a shot.

11:07 PM, May 03, 2006  
Blogger Dedanna said...

Ron, why the hell are you even responding to these dimwits? They've said how many times that they were gone from here, but every damned time they come back.

It's beginning to look suspiciously like an attention game on their part. Either that, or they don't know when to quit, one (even though they say they will), or they're insane.

They bash you constantly when they are here, they have nothing but negatives to go around about anyone, and you get enough of that crap from JD.

I understand why you stay there -- it's hard for anyone to up and leave a job when they've been at one for so many years. Plus, you've built yourself up quite a bit at Ros Rad, and that does help with family.

Wizards, either blow or not. Mean what you've said so many times on here. Take your pick. Your bashing of Ron gets very very old, when you're the ones that keep coming back.

You want to make a stand? Mean what you say and do it. If you're gone, get gone.

7:28 AM, May 04, 2006  
Blogger BeWitchingWizard said...

Dedanna as far as your concerned - you don't make the rules for the blog nor for whether I have the right to comment when and where I do it, thats American, something I guess you still don't know anything about. As for our bashing we were asked to come here and give our view since of course it doesn't agree with your nasty ones and you ran from this community years ago - just make sure you stay gone we don't need any more hypcrites. Ron knows that everything I said was the truth (Again something DeDanna can't fathom) the big difference is how he says on hand he does for his children and yet totally ignores all the people he put in this position of not having a voice, he doesn't have to care and he is saying so. As far employment - Ron I found you a radio station who was interested in talking to you between the last break of the shows , you didn't contact him, you didn't show, I guess again you weren't interested. Dedanna couldn't comment the first time she saw my comment, so shut up now, either put up or go home, this is my home and not yours anymore. As far as I deciding to even make amy comments like I said they came at the request of the owner of this site, I have not commented since I said I wouldn't, a couple of months ago - I don't comment very often and when I do I don't sit and kiss ass like you Dedanna - I get to the issue,"If you can't stand the heat, then get the hell out of the kitchen, Dedanna." You are the only distraction this blog has ever had - learn fool the world is both negative and postive and sometimes being unpopular in your eyes is not the reason I write. Since (DeDanna) you do not live here and since these are not your issues - BUTT OUT! You are no one to tell me anything, yes I know you'd like me to never comment (Unamerican) especially the last time I did I wipe the floor with your face. I do not like to talk to losers like you so I don't as you have noticed, save your Pile on Mentality with all the others after they have commented - SVAE IT for whimps who operate like you, and if you don't like me, thats fine, for I see you and alwasys have just a disgusting interloper that you are. If anybody needs to go its you, chicken-shit I will continue to comment unless the owner stops me.

The Maniac

P.S. And as for myself Linda Maniac The whole country is insane and on some kind of antidepressants, Doctors have been handing them out like candy, Doctors not Psychistrics or haven't you noticed I myself choose not to take them as its nothing but a govt plot to down you all out , and I like Blogging With Becky from Rosanne better I dont have anything more to say here so bye, and for Ron everything my husband said to you was the truth (above) ,
'Accept your path with its many twists and turns , the adventure is in the journey not the arriving'.

10:13 AM, May 04, 2006  
Anonymous DC said...

Oh, wow! Guess, I was better off not being able to get on the blog yesterday. You, Dedanna, are lucky, I guess, that you are not caught in the middle between friends. (sigh) Personally, I doubt that it would be at all easy for Ron to have a talk show on another Roswell station, since the city is essentially controlled by conservatives, esp. Republicans.
As I said, kudos to him for keeping one on for so long. It goes to show how good he is at it.
It's admirable that he is responsible and supports his children cuz a lot of guys (some of them millionaires) don't. Don't mind Bruce and Linda, Ron. They really do mean well.
I still think you should try to get another job in Denver if you can. You'd be more supported in trying to do a Liberal show and you'd see your kids more often. Money isn't everything and I'm sure they miss actually spending time with you as much as you miss seeing them.
Stop beating yourself up over the show, too. That's not your job, it's John's. LOL Take care.

5:43 PM, May 04, 2006  
Blogger Ron said...

thanks dc. I would take a job in Denver in an instant. It's a top 25 market though and extremely difficult to get in. If I could get there under different terms by improving my other skills I might be able to move someone to give me a shot after they got to know me. Precisely my plan. Wish me luck.

11:12 PM, May 04, 2006  
Anonymous DC said...

Well, I always do wish you luck, Ron. :-) What about Boulder or somewhere else in CO close enough to where the kids live so you could see them on weekends? You ought to be able to make a living wage in CO if you can make one in NM, although I understand your reluctance to give up your job security (and probably health ins. assuming you have it at R/R.) Still, it should be worth the risk if it means you'll get to play catch with your son and see your daughter off to her first prom. I remember going to see Harry Chapin in 1976 and that his little boy came out on stage. Harry's wife wrote the lyrics to "Cat's in the Cradle" because he was out on tour so much that he was missing out on much of his son's life. Can't remember when Chapin died, but am sure his son was probably still a minor, so it was good that he did spend the time with him. You can't get those years back, which I'm having to deal with now that I'm in the opposite position having just become an adult orphan and wishing I'd spent more time with both my parents.
Talked to Linda and Bruce 2X today. They have announced that they are disenchanted with the blog and don't plan to come back, not too happy with you, Ron, and p'd off at Dedanna for getting involved in their discussion w/Ron. Also, they are very disgusted with Steve Pearce as his local office hung up on Bruce 3 times after informing him that simply expressing his views to his Rep. (Bruce wasn't swearing or being abusive) constituted harassment. Do we live in a fascist DICKtatorship now or what? They called Bingaman's office and got a number to call in Santa Fe. Word is that Pearce's local office has gotten many critical calls recently and that Democrats are better off calling Rep. Tom Udall's office. I still send on-line petitions/letters to Steve, but know he's a hopeless case-totally Bu$h's man, so wouldn't waste a phone call on him, myself.

4:22 PM, May 05, 2006  
Anonymous DC said...

Also, forgot to say that I have a Chickenhawk sweatshirt and the chickenhawk on it is- you guessed it, George W. Bu$h! LOL

4:24 PM, May 05, 2006  
Blogger BeWitchingWizard said...

Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the Future..............

The Maniac

5:52 PM, May 05, 2006  
Blogger Dedanna said...

My point was that I was calling bewitchingwizard on their own words. If they can't handle what they have said themselves, then I take extreme pity. 'nuff said.

9:25 PM, May 08, 2006  
Blogger Dedanna said...

And, those who say one thing and do another just show even more how hypocritical americans are...

9:26 PM, May 08, 2006  
Blogger Dedanna said...

Oh, and I couldn't stand the JD heat -- and I did get out of that kitchen. Any more questions?

9:28 PM, May 08, 2006  
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