Sunday, November 06, 2005


Let me get this straight. You are telling me these guys would fly airplanes into buildings, strap a bomb on themselves and detonate it, and we are going to get them to talk with torture? These guys are stupid and dangerous to Americans and the kind of country we are trying to build.

Hagel: A leading Republican senator said Sunday that the Bush administration is making "a terrible mistake" in opposing a congressional ban on torture and other inhuman treatment of prisoners in U.S. custody.

Appearing with Hatch on CBS‘s "Face the Nation," Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., said cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment of prisoners "is not what America is all about. Those aren‘t the values that we‘re fighting for."

These guys even think preemptive war is a good idea. New name for them, the Apocalypse Gang.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

McCain is to be commended. He will not back down on outlawing torture in our name. But, read here how the Pentagon treats our troops:

Guardsman re-enlists, Pentagon kills bonus
Officers from state try to restore $15,000 benefit


A Department of Defense decision to renege on war-time promises to pay bonuses to more than a dozen re-enlisting Washington National Guardsmen has sparked outrage from prominent elected officials and state National Guard officers working to rectify the situation.

According to a state Guard spokesman, Maj. Phil Osterli, at least 15 Washington National Guardsmen and women signed re-enlistment forms promising them a tax-free $15,000 bonus in return. Many of them were stationed in Iraq at the time, he said.

But Pentagon officials have said in published reports that the bonuses were canceled because they duplicated other programs and were prohibited.

Sgt. 1st Class Carl Latson is one of those in the Washington National Guard directly affected. The Spanaway man, a 13-year military veteran who said he has served both in Operation Desert Storm and in the current Iraq war, re-enlisted in January for another six-year term, which would have taken him close to retirement from the service.

Latson, 35, said Friday that the bonus was a big incentive to re-enlist. At the time it was offered, he was serving in Iraq as an enlisted aide for a general at the Balad Army base near Baghdad.

He signed a re-enlistment form Jan. 17, just after he took the oath from his commanding officer. "For a 6 year reenlistment/extension I will receive a total bonus of $15,000," reads the official Army National Guard form.

After serving two years active duty with the Navy and the last 11 years with the National Guard, Latson said, "I re-enlisted because the opportunity was there to finally get a bonus."

Latson, who served in Iraq most recently from March 2004 to March 2005, said he has been counting on the money to help buy a house and to support his 11-year-old daughter. He said he knows at least 10 other National Guardsmen in the same boat.

"It has made a significant impact on my life," said Latson. "For them to offer a bonus when we're at war, when we're risking our lives, and then to turn around and not pay it when we return is the wrong message to send to me, to any soldier. It's not fair."

The state Guard is fighting the Pentagon's sudden reversal on the issue...


3:43 PM, November 06, 2005  
Anonymous Democat said...

If Bush is really against torture he should resign as "President" and take his cronies with him. Just seeing his face/hearing his voice telling us these *#@& lies is torture for those of us who aren't brainwashed into thinking they're the good guys. :-(

4:24 PM, November 07, 2005  
Blogger The Donkey said...

In a turn of events, many liberal bloggers are now supporting torture. The donkey sees many calls to put Rove's gonads in a vice. The Donkey is still against torture. If they locked Libby and Rove in the same room as the Game, they would crack in 48 hours and beg spill everything.

11:46 PM, November 07, 2005  
Blogger Ron said...

I would just like to have Dick Cheney listen to and watch all his lies over and over and over and over and over again interspersed with real scenes of the havoc he created in Iraq. For about a week and a half, with no way to avoid it. If that is torture I apologize.

9:43 PM, November 08, 2005  
Anonymous Democat said...

Uh uh! That wouldn't be torture for Cheney. (Is Ron bucking for sainthood and that's why he wants to let Cheney off so easily?) Cheney should spend eternity with a big ol' pile of money just out of his reach. (Also, Mark David Chapman must burn eternally in the bad place while listening to Yoko Ono sing-his screams may sound a lot like the latter.)

5:46 PM, November 09, 2005  
Anonymous Democat said...

On second thought, Cheney should spend eternity watching Bush's first debate with Kerry over and over and over again. Just can't believe Cheney can resist cringing everytime Dubya opens his stupid mouth.

5:48 PM, November 09, 2005  
Anonymous Democat said...

Did The Game and his friends watch Bush's debates with Kerry? Was it torture for them to see how inarticulate Bush is compared to Kerry? How about the faces Bush made in the first debate? How can they still support this bozo?

1:24 PM, November 15, 2005  

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