Saturday, September 03, 2005

It's Time For Real America To Act

First of all let me say I am sooo happy to see progress FINALLY being made on this. As the mayor of New Orleans said they final got a General in there that would kick ass. Somebody that could actually lead. God bless him. I think he will turn out to be the eventual savior of this whole enterprise. The entire world is in awe at our total lack of ability to care for our own. Once again our reputation is deeply tarnished. Unfortunately I must say, rightly so. It's time for Real Americans to kick a little ass of their own over this debacle. Here is the difference between the comfortable, wealthy apologists trying to turn the issue into something else and the usually comfortable, wealthy on the ground with the FACTS and the TRUTH. Their will be an investigation headed by Senators Susan Collins(R) and Joe Lieberman(D) into all this. Strangely I feel more comfortable that I will get more of the truth from Ms. Collins.
The American people are reaching out and many people are doing much to show the true American spirit. Let's keep a continuous drum beat of praise for those doing the good work and a relentless pounding of the apologists and ones that defend the status quo. You can be sure all of that will be my mission. America as a people is better than this and we need to kick some ass and prove it!


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