Sunday, July 17, 2005

Time For The Revolution

Anyone with the slightest bit of vision can see that we will be, if not are, fighting over available energy. It is or will be happening soon. So what the hell you going to do about it!!!!!!!%$^ Do you want the war? We need a revolution in bringing about alternative energy in this country. We better do it now. The war is waiting. I'm not specifically advocating any one energy idea over another. Something we can make ourselves. In other words there's this.

America is becoming a dependent nation. Dependent for its goods, dependent for its fuel, dependent for its survival, on other nations. Some are very questionable nations. Not good policy. America has been strong because of it's ability to not only take care of its self but others too. No longer. We are shifting our own independence overseas. Sad


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Also tied to this is the ongoing efforts to privatize public utilities to the "free markets". The current energy bill will allow PUHCA (Public Utility Holding Companies Act) of 1935 to be either abolished or modified in a way to allow less public control of utilities (primarily electric) and more corporate "free markets". There are many court cases and much legislation that has dealt with this, but PUCHA of 1935 is a significant law. While regulation always needs to be fine tuned, it is important that the Prinicple of Public Ownership be maintained. Enron used their inability to comply with PUCHA as part of the excuse for their actions which led to rolling blackouts, price spikes, etc. There is Much on this on the Internet including a 100+ page report by a Economics(?) prof from SUNY - which isn't all one-sided. The Important Thing is Public Control. The Resources of Earth belong to the people as a whole so that fundamental needs can be met. This means Allocating so that the basic needs can be met. Not control by nor for the wealth of any type of oligarchy. You have a radio program - help spread the word.

1:32 PM, July 20, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Speaking of energy-saw on the news the other night that there's a problem with hybrid cars re: fires. I guess, the high voltage makes it dangerous to put the fires out and puts firefighters at greater risk. The good news is that training is now being given to the latter to help them cope with it.
Now they can come up with a way to protect the birds, esp. the raptors, that are getting killed by the turbines at the wind farms. Seems to me like there's sudden interest by the media re: the PROBLEMS with alternative energy sources. Are they suddenly aware of these problems? Is it because of the interest in the subject because of the energy bill? Or is it that the oil/gas companies want alternate sources to get bad press? Your guess is as good as mine.

5:28 PM, July 20, 2005  

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