Monday, July 04, 2005

Happy Birthday America!

On the day the United States celebrates its independence I thought it would be a good time to look at what it means to be an American. As we have all discovered in glaring clarity over the last few years it obviously means different things to different people. With that in mind, I speak only for myself.
First let me say I love the highest ideals of this country. Freedom, Liberty, Democracy, Equality and trying to make sure we set an example as the shining beacon of fair play and tolerance. Certainly we have never completely lived up to all of these in totality. The fact that through my life we have made wonderful progress on much of this has heartened me and made me proud of the United States. The fact that for much of my life we have lead the way in science and technology, medicine and education have filled my heart with respect for the can do people of this country. The fact that we have come to the aid and rescue of people who asked for and needed our help, sharing our bounty with the rest of the world has given me a feeling that I was among like minded spiritual beings. When I see myself and like minded individuals condemned as hate America firsters or traitors or friends of the enemy for speaking out when I see all these principals falling by the wayside it fills me with sadness for the direction of our once great country.
The fact is we are now being lead down the precisely the opposite track. Less freedom and liberty, democracy largely in name only, a fight to make sure some are not given equal treatment(gays etc). Science is being poo-pooed as invalid and the realm of heretics. Medical care is a money machine and the highest priced in the world. We are falling behind in education in comparison to the rest of the world. Worst of all America, true or not, has given the rest of the world the impression that we are conquerors and a blight on world peace instead of the true, caring brothers and sisters of the world.
We are taking a giant leap backwards and I am expected not to speak out for fear of being propagandized as unamerican? Not a chance! It's because of my love for this country and the people in it that I speak out. Call me what you will. God knows the truth. I think all is not yet lost. We have had challenging times in our country before and corrected our mistakes before it was too late.
I understand most are not as interested in these things as you and I are. I can understand how they can temporarily be taken in by the propaganda which seems to surround them at every turn. I am far more disappointed by the people who ought to know better. I have had the priviledge of meeting and conversing with most of our state and national legislators from New Mexico. They are largely of a different party than I but good caring men at heart. I have no doubt that we will have differences in the nuance of things but why they would perpetuate the crumbling of the United States just boggles my mind. I know they must see all this and know better. Have we got to the point that politics resembles a football game or pep rally, my team right or wrong. How sad, when with mutual respect we could use the resources and intelligence of each of us to make this country all we know it can be. We have been given the opportunity to do so. Please my friends don't fail us now.


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