Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Dumbing Down Of America

Here's a good look at the level of our discourse in the United States. Personal attacks are bad unless it's the right doing the personal attacking. Then it's investgative journalism. Maybe we should be debating the merits or faults of government vs private healthcare. Somehow we never seem to get to the real issues though. Lots of character examination of any and all people involved but no discussion of the real questions. Strawmen everywhere. I am pretty tired of being patient with personality politics. There is a far more important debate about the values and morals of the various methods of healthcare. Nope we will just talk about this guy and that gal and Joe Wilson and George Soros and Move on and Media Matters and on and on. Ok they all suck now can we talk about the pluses and minuses of various healthcare plans? No wonder this country is falling so far behind on damned near everything. It's time to quit acting stupid people.

I see I am not the only one feeling like this. Here is somebody noting pretty much the same thing.


Anonymous DC said...

Gee, RON! Do you look back at your earlier posts to see if there are additional comments that you might want to respond to, or do you just choose not to respond? :-) (Stalinists/Robbing)

Yeah, I know what you mean about personal attacks like
Rush Limbaugh and Mitch McConnell's staff member(s) choosing to attack a 12 year old kid and his family rather than Bu$h for vetoing a children's health care plan to help kids from working/middle class families. I imagine McConnell, a Southern Repugnantcan, wears his religion on his sleeve just like Bu$h. Too bad they have no clue what Jesus' message is/was!
That said, how nice that Keifer Sutherland was able to get his jail sentence split up so that it wouldn't interfere with the filming for his show.Actually, it is in HIS case, as "24" is apparently worth seeing where
"The Simple Life" was not, and why should the other actors, crew, etc. suffer because of Keifer's DWI if he's still going to do his time? I just have to wonder why he got 48 days and Joe Smith down the street would probably get well over a year for the same thing.

1:58 PM, October 11, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow, exciting to find a Roswell blog that isn't written by Adair/Foley, etc.
Who is going to follow up on the fact that Dan Foley is probably going to walk away from his horrific charges of attacking cops and swearing like crazy at a CHILDREN'S b-ball game? I have to give credit to the Roswell Daily Record for keeping up with this story.
Look forward to reading this blog more often..
A Sullen Republican

2:27 AM, October 12, 2007  
Anonymous DC said...

You are a Republican (who is maybe from Roswell?) who is not a fan of Dan Fooly and Rod Adork? Wish I could shake your hand. :-) Hope the reason you are sullen is that you are not one of the far right wackos and/or religious fanatics or complacent GOP voters who do not understand that Bush and his cohorts are selling the country down the river out of their own greed for wealth and power. I am trying not to hate the GOPers which is hard under the circumstances when we hear constantly that Democrats/Liberals are everything from traitors to servants of Satan. I was looking at an article re: the 2004 election and why people voted the way they did the other night. The Bushies cared about terrorism which Duhbya is not going to protect us from nearly as well as Kerry, a war hero, would, and moral values issues like gay marriage. The people who were not only against the war, but who cared about the economy overwhelmingly voted for Kerry. This says to me that the Bushies only care about one or two issues and/or that they have been terrified into thinking that only Bush can protect us from Al Qaeda-also deluded into thinking he's a saint. The Republicans who are not far right ideologues need to get better informed. This blog is a good start. I also suggest a show called "Democracy Now" which is on the LINK station (Direct or Dish) or which has a This is the real liberal news unlike FAUX News. "Countdown with Keith Olbermann" on MS-NBC is, also, very good. I really believe that Republicans need to move their Party back toward the Center. These guys, the neo-cons, are as close to fascist rulers as the U.S. has ever gotten. With leaders like these who needs enemies?

4:50 PM, October 12, 2007  
Blogger Ron said...

I give Rod Adair credit for being a thinker. Even if he doesn't come to the same conclusions as I do.
I think Dan is more of what conservative has become, he's a bomb thrower. He takes the knee jerk position on everything.
When the Abu-Greb thing happened I remember Rod coming on the show and condemning torture. He said it would be harmful for our troops. He said it would make it harder to get enemies to surrender if they felt in danger after they were captured. Yes, Rod Adair said this. As a matter of fact he was the first person I heard make these points. I don't know what he would say today if asked but I would hope he would be consistant. I disagree with Rod on very much but at least he uses his senses instead of a blind alligence. Actually I use to live in Roswell and now am in Alamogordo. Not the same but similar in many ways. In Roswell it's a brawl. Here it is uncooth and unpolite to speak of politics. At least among those I have met so far. Me being who I am I figure many find me uncooth and unpolite! The right is just as powerful here and maybe even nuttier overall but act like its business as usual. The military base may have something to do with it but I don't think that is the major thing. I think the big thing is they don't want outside interests and they want the town to stay at its relative size and composition. In other words they are afraid of change. Oh ya, that would be a conservative. Likes to change slowly. Can't say I am real comfortable doing my 21st century thing here but in the long run it will likely be good for both of us.

2:35 PM, October 13, 2007  
Anonymous DC said...

Well, it's nice that Adair is a thinker, but he isn't very tolerant of dissent from the local Dems from what I hear.
Ron, you can't help it if you have become uncouth and impolite. :-) I think many of us have developed that response as a result of being around the intolerant yeehaws here in Bush Country who insist we have to keep our opinions to ourselves. Anyway, I can't judge when one considers how impolite I often was to The Game. Did he finally get embarassed about the goings on of HIS Party and that's why he has departed your blog? Maybe Donkey finally got to him...LOL

5:23 PM, October 13, 2007  

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