Sunday, June 19, 2005

Experiments In Democracy

For those that believe in states rights, as I in large measure do, they believe in it partly because the states make ideal laboratories for policy. For example lets try this one: Crime. Highest crimes area:

Markham, Illinois (2405.7)
East St. Louis, Illinois (2030.0)
Washington Park, Illinois (1867.2)
Hammond, Louisiana (1689.7)
Ocean City, Maryland (1463.4)
Florida City, Florida (1433.5)
Lancaster, South Carolina (1316.5)
Emeryville, California (1314.7)
St. Louis, Missouri (1259.5)
Wildwood, New Jersey (1245.6)
Palatka, Florida (1237.0)
Atlanta, Georgia (1195.5)
Anniston, Alabama (1193.5)
Denham Springs, Louisiana (1160.6)
Atlantic City, New Jersey (1120.1)
Gallup, New Mexico (1111.6)
Fort Myers, Florida (1109.0)
South Tucson, Arizona (1100.0)
Lumberton, North Carolina (1095.1)
Salisbury, Maryland (1087.8)

Your winner and champion, Chicagoland/St Louis environs. Top states Florida, Louisiana and Joyzee. Not good examples.

Safest cities in relationship to crime.

Norwood, Pennsylvania (5.7)
Southport, New York (8.9)
Pell City, Alabama (9.4)
Plattekill, New York (10.1)
Rockport, Massachusetts (14.8)
Bedford, Massachusetts (17.6)
Harvard, Massachusetts (18.1)
Eliot, Maine (21.0)
Holliston, Massachusetts (25.3)
Easton, Connecticut (25.4)
Dunmore, Pennsylvania (25.5)
Duxbury, Massachusetts (27.0)
Medway, Massachusetts (27.5)
Old Tappan, New Jersey (28.5)
Ridgefield, Connecticut (29.0)
Southborough, Massachusetts (29.5)
North Reading, Massachusetts (30.2)
Northville, Michigan (30.7)
Franklin, Massachusetts (31.3)
Norfolk, Massachusetts (31.5)

Goodness Massachusetts, those darned most liberal of all liberals, seem to have a handle on this crime thing. Now one may wish to note that more wealthy areas seem to have less crime than poorer parts of the country. That would make it logical reasoning to make as many people as possible thrive. How do we do this? Let's start by rewarding work. There is no reason for the big wigs to make 3 to 5 hundred times what the people at the other end make. This is not socialism! This is populism. I understand the huge resposibilities of those at the top. There is a good argument for them getting the most. No argument for them getting unconscionable percentages. If you go to work and do your part to contribute to success. That's valuable. Whatever you do.


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