Tuesday, June 06, 2006

An Essay On Narrowmindedness

I will let this person remain anonymous. I found this on the WWW.

The MSM and the left care more about hanging this Haditha incident, if there is one to be had, on Bush than the daily atrocities committed by terror thugs trying foment a civil war because they're losing. That's right - they ARE losing. But the left keeps supplying terrorists with talking points and recruitment tools by hyping phony scandals.Day after day the piling on President Bush and his administration by the left is despicable, even treasonous. I don't see you all piling on the terrorists and speaking out against them daily. Why? Because your sniveling cowards without the dimmest clue on to battle these monsters. Got an idea? Let's hear it, jackasses... c'mon, just one little idea - no? I thought not. Your grand idea is to cut and run with Kennedy, Murtha, and Kerry leading the way.Did it ever occur to you selfish, liberal bastards that you owe your very freedoms and you big mouths to these brave men and women who serve the country? You treasonous creeps don't support the troops. Never did, never will. The troops deserve our respect, a presumption of innocence and due process. Just like the terror creeps at Gitmo and Saddam have. And you know what? If it turns out that a handful soldiers did commit murder, it doesn't change a damn thing. Painting all soldiers with the same "psycho" brush the way the left did during Vietnam isn't going to wash this time around. Not under our watch. You should be ashamed of the legacy of your party and what you all did to good men who served back then.

My response:
God eh you are really full of it. Its hard to find a more ill informed statement of pure hate than you made. You think its bush bashing bush hatred but look at your comments again and tell me who the hater is...how do I count the ways. First of all 99.99 percent(at least) of the people killed in Iraq HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH 9/11. How many times must we say that till you guys get what we are saying. Those people don't have the resources or desire(at least they didn't use to until bush gave them an excuse) to "blow up America" or whatever you think those dead people would have done. Who is it that is winning and just specifically who is it that is losing. Do you really have a clearly defined idea of who is on who's side? Let me suggest you are living in an illusion if you think you do..This is precisely why I feel sorry for our troops and want them to come home..Including the ones in Haditha. I don't want to live in your country if you think speaking out about what you want for this country and its people is treasonous. That's total utter complete BULLSHIT! I aint shutting up so you better come up with some other lame slogan cuz I stopped taking your guilt trip a long time ago. I am all for getting people that harm our country..that is not what we are doing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are tied up giving training to terrorists who are moving around the world while we are tied down in Iraq. That sounds like not a good plan to me..sorry.I have noted in a number of pieces on this blog commenting on this issue and you are making shit up! No liberals are disrespecting the troops. Maybe people think that if we are to be the greatest country in the world and lead we should set the standard or no one will respect us as a country, as a leader or a friend. That by the way is a part of my strategy to defeat the evil doers. We MUST have most of the rest of the world on our side to win. In that way we are losing. It's the PNAC plan that has caused that. Yes we do have other ideas on ways to do it, it is you that thinks there is only one way..the bush way. Admit it. Call me a coward..cut and run..more slogans, more guilt trip Im not on. Its the people like you that fail to even think another idea could work or that someone might have another Idea that are harming America. I don't see you condemning the terrorists much either..just your own countrymen because they don't happen to share your opinion on how to attack terrorism...lame brain.
By the way..in other wars we were fighting countries..Germany, Japan even North Vietnam...now according to what you righties say we are fighting terrorists..that is not the country of Iraq! You guys are thinking pre 9/11!

Peter Beinart points out why all this is important and why we shouldn't be sent on a guilt trip by the wingnuts:

We are capable of Hadithas and My Lais, so is everyone. But few societies are capable of acknowledging what happened, bringing the killers to justice, and instituting changes that make it less likely to happen again. That's how we show we are different from the jihadists. We don't just assert it. We prove it. That's the liberal version of American exceptionalism, and it's what we need right now in response to this horror.

The right just doesn't get it.


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