Sunday, September 25, 2005

Wesley Clark

Ya just gotta love him. Imagine how much better off and more united this country would have been with this guy as President. We're in a hole now and it's going to take someone like this to get us out. A good communicator, an honest assessment and a uniter not a divder.


Blogger The Donkey said...

But we have the War president. A president who can fill in a flight suit. Mission accomplished. It is hard work. Stay the course. What went wrong? Heck of a job. Major league bigtime.

1:46 AM, September 25, 2005  
Anonymous Democat said...

I wouldn't call Wes Clark a WAR PRESIDENT. His ACTUAL REAL TRUE military experience (unlike The Game's "war president" (NOT MINE!)), should encourage him to understand the real costs of war. I saw him/heard him speak during the election and liked him a lot. He's very smart and articulate. I just didn't feel that he had a good shot at a victory in 2004. I prefer my idol, Kerry, but will vote for Clark if he's the candidate in 2008. He'd have a much better chance than Hillary, too.

2:12 PM, September 30, 2005  
Blogger Ron said...

I can't really think of anyone whos going to possibly make me vote for George Allen, or whomever it might be unless they truly commit to turning their party around.
That is what I am looking for in 08 from the Democrats. The status quo needs to go. I think we need a very frank and bold individual. Wes Clark could be one of those guys. Many other candidates but I am waiting to see who actually has the balls to do it.

6:24 PM, September 30, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

well, if it IS a woman, ron, i hope she won't have b---s, but spunk would be nice.

i would vote for barbara boxer over hilary any day. i would also vote for hilary. it would be nice to get bill back "two for one." and think what he has learned since he has been out of power!!

i am actually kinda hoping al gore will get back in it. squeaky clean and noone better on the environment. he was the one who said we should put s.s. in a lockbox and not be able to borrow from it any more. excellent idea.

as for wesley clark... smart, yes. i know robert fisk doesn't like him. thinks he almost started WWIII. also, it bothers me that he headed "school of the americas" for awhile. he did not see much of the fighting in vietnam, because he was injured right away, so i am kind of afraid he would like to be "commander-in-chief" of a war. there is a reason generals should not be presidents. if they have not gotten sick of war, they might be inclined to look at war before peace as a "solution." if they have seen a lot of war, they would be more inclined to look for a peaceful solution, i think. ike was okay with containment and the "cold war."

BUT, i read a letter from one of the soldiers begging clark to run in 2004. the soldier said clark was the only one who could straighten out the mess they were in. i think hackworth wanted him also, so...


11:22 PM, September 30, 2005  

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