Sunday, September 18, 2005


I have been trying to get a links bar on the side of this thing to no success. I even asked for assistance from someone who knows far more than me( which doesn't take much). To no success. I have decided to once a week post some links each week. I home they will keep you sufficiently informed and entertained. Thanks to everybody who has been reading and commenting. WE are America.

One of my very favorite Blogger/Commentors Digby.

Sadly, I could care less, but it's a handy research tool.

My crazy life. You'll notice lots of people moving.

Yep, I look at Drudge. He did a great job of compiling links, and the other stuff? Well ya just gotta look even if it is just curiosity.

And A site that has a bit of Drudge with a different focus. I love Sploid !


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