Saturday, July 30, 2005

Alternative Energy

We all pretty much know the oil is going to run out. It's going to keep getting more expensive and not less. It is an imperative that we ignore at our own peril. How can we move into the new world. This pdf slideshow has some mighty good suggestions in it. I won't endorse the whole thing cuz frankly I haven't heard the other side. (although I must admit a real hope for some way to make biofuels work cuz they are renewable and benefit American farmers). I'm not saying this is thee answer but it's time to move this discussion forward. If you've got a better idea lets hear it! This is a place where we can all be proud unified Americans. Coming together in a cause that would band us together instead of tear us apart. That would have advantages for all of us. If we don't do this someone else will. Guess what that makes them? The leader. We are the greatest nation on Gods green earth only when we act like it. Quit making up phoney patriotism and make America authentically great again.


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