Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Should We?

If they want us to pull out should we?

Eighty two Iraqi lawmakers from across the political spectrum have pressed for the withdrawal of the US-led occupation troops from their country.The Shiite, Kurdish, Sunni Arab, Christian and communist legislators made the call in a letter sent by Falah Hassan Shanshal of the United Iraqi Alliance (UIA), the largest bloc in parliament, to speaker Hajem Al-Hassani, reported Agence France-Presse (AFP).“We have asked in several sessions for occupation troops to withdraw. Our request was ignored,” read the latter, made public on Sunday, June 19.

Ok, it's not a majority but it is at that viable 30% mark. Time to take off the training wheels.


Blogger The Donkey said...

An Exit Plan that brings stability and democracy to Iraq, brings our troops home immediately by replacing them with a coalition from Russia, China, France etc., none of whom are as hated as the “demon/Satan” Americans.

All we have to do to get these countries to take over the reconstruction of Iraq is give them back the oil leases Bush stole from them when Bush invaded. (Russia had the West Qurnah oil field, China had the Rumalyah Reserve, and France had two of Iraq’s largest fields, the Majnoon and Nahr Bin Omar.)

from Billyjack.com

1:11 AM, June 22, 2005  

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