Monday, September 18, 2006

They Are Missing A Core

The right has no core. They are a sickening politics of the moment movement. This did not use to be the case. Hell, I could almost be a Goldwater Republican. Well, maybe not but I could at least respect them and not fear for the nation if they were more like that. Now they are too busy finding ways to hate liberals to find the time to develop their own principals. As noted(from free republic) here:

Seven judges on a secret court have authorized all but one of over 7,500 requests to spy in the name of National Security. They meet in secret, with no published orders, opinions, or public record. ......Since its founding in 1978, a secret court created by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA rhymes with ice -a) has received 7,539 applications to authorize electronic surveillance within the U.S. In the name of national security, the court has approved all but one of these requests from the Justice Department on behalf of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the National Security Agency. Each of these decisions was reached in secret, with no published orders, opinions, or public record. The people, organizations, or embassies spied on were not notified of either the hearing or the surveillance itself. .....The possibility of FISA-sanctioned fishing expeditions was only one of the potential abuses that alarmed legal scholars and people concerned with civil liberties.

There is a lot more. This was all an abomination when Bill Clinton was in charge. Now that Cheney runs the show not only is it good but not nearly enough! Now they are actually trying to put forth the proposition that there should not be any oversight at all. Just let the Presnit do whatever he what he wants to pertect us. Don't go giving me that everything changed on 9/11. Democracy and freedom and civil liberties are just as important to what America is about now as it was 9/10 or after the OKC bombing.
I and many others have told rightists that they will see things much differently if these powers are in place when Hillary or some other dem is President. The above is proof we know what we are talking about . The right lives in the world of changeable politics.
They hated Clinton. Not so much his policies. Just Clinton. Now they revoke their standing on numerous issues to blindly follow any policy the daddy President(keep us safe) Bush puts forth. No core.

They are also quite particular which "terrorists" they want to capture as noted here:

Why does Bush, and the CIA, continue to protect the Saudi royal family and the Pakistani military, from the implications of Zubaydah's confessions? It is, or course, because the Bush administration desperately needs Pakistani and Saudi help, not only to keep Afghanistan from spinning completely out of control, but also as counterweights to the growing power of Iran......The president should not be allowed to selectively trot out parts of Zubaydah's ''confessions'' to support the CIA's interrogation techniques, without talking about Zubaydah's naming of Saudi royals and Pakistani military officers. The victims of 9/11 deserve no less than the complete truth ...

We know the airplane killers were largely Saudis(including Bin Laden himself). We also have most all of the people in the know saying they think Osama is in Northeastern Pakistan. Somehow though these are places that are not pushed or attacked in the "war on terror". Sounds like a very poor policy to me and likely a reason we are no where near winning. This administration that promotes its self as the vanguard on strength and ability in defeating Americas enemies is truly the emperor with no clothes. They are miserable failures and it is more than apparent to all but the most wooly of sheeple who think Bush/Cheney could do no wrong.

Note: I was traveling and caught about 20 or 30 minutes of Limpbaugh today. Weak...very, very weak. If any reasonable American would have been sitting across from him he would have been dust in about 30 milliseconds. He is so hard up for material that he is now adopting lil orphan Anne. He was ridiculing those that oppose unilaterally rewriting or"clarifying" the Geneva Conventions to fit our individual aims. Part of the defecation coming out of his mouth included (sarcastically) Colin Powell is a soldier so we can't question him. Not only did he say it once but a number of times.
Huh? Sure you can question him. As a matter of fact he proceeded to do just that , totally negating his argument.
But wait. Colin Powell is a soldier?
He in addition to being a soldier has been awarded 8 badges, 16 medals and ribbons including a distinguished service medal and the presidential Medal of Freedom, been A U.S. military General, National Security advisor under Reagan , Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff during the SUCCESSFUL 1991 mideast conflict under papa Bush and Secretary Of State under the current President. These positions make him far more than "a soldier" and far more qualified to comment on the wisdom of the subject at hand than Rush Limbaugh. To note Colin Powell is "a soldier" in a sarcastic way with no mention of his other qualifications is an insult to him and our entire U.S. military that Lamebaugh at other times professes to undyingly support. Limbaugh has no core.
Certainly it is proven that Colin Powell is not always right and one need not agree with his opinion but to sarcastically minimize him in such a way in such matters is meanspirited, disrespectful and sickenly weak as a debating tactic.

Republican Lindsay Graham made the point on why the U. S. Congress should not determine the meaning of an INTERNATIONAL agreement. It is here. If you disagree I would be happy to point out the error of your thinking.

Keith Olberman made another of his increasingly regular great points last night on just what is "unacceptable" here.

Addendum: Apparently Glenn Greenwald was on the same train


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