Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Angry White Male

Those of you that are old like me may remember when there was the identification of a voting group called "the angry white male". This was around the time of Wally George and Morton Downey Jr.
George and Downey et al were considered screaming crazy radicals at the time. Now it appears they have morphed into.......the Republican Party. Visit any wingnut website, listen to any of the wack job talk show hosts speak. Angry White Male. It seems more and more women are figuring out that the right lives on rage against others.

President Bush's once-solid relationship with Southern women is on the rocks. anger over the Iraq war and frustration with the country's direction have taken a toll on the president's popularity and stirred dissatisfaction with the Republican-held Congress. ..................Republicans on the ballot this November have reason to worry. A recent Associated Press-Ipsos poll found that three out of five Southern women surveyed said they planned to vote for a Democrat in the midterm elections. With control of the Senate and House in the balance, such a seismic shift could have dire consequences for the GOP. ......."I'm going to go for the moderate, and these days that tends to be Democrats," Knight said.
Sandy Rubin, a high school teacher in Macon, voted for Bush ....... Rubin said the GOP's focus on issues that appeal to social conservatives, such as gay marriage and abortion, have turned her off.
"I care about job security and education. The things I hear the Republicans emphasizing in their campaigns are not things that affect me or my family," said the 39-year-old mother of two.

....Still, some Southern women remain stalwart supporters of the president and the Republican Party. At a watermelon festival in Chickamauga, in the mountains of northwest Georgia, substitute teacher Clydeen Tomanio said she remains committed to the party she's called home for 43 years.
"There are some people, and I'm one of them, that believe George Bush was placed where he is by the Lord," Tomanio said. "I don't care how he governs, I will support him. I'm a Republican through and through."

I laughed too...Yep Clydeen, the Lord put him there. Sure. Studied your New Testament lately. Better get that refresher course. Oh I forgot! Armageddon, pardon me.


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