Sunday, August 13, 2006

How The Radical Right Aids The Terrorist Cause


It was proved again this week that America faces a serious danger. Yes terrorist threats but even more so from the radical right. Terrorists can scare some, maybe kill some. The radical right and their sheeple have the power to destroy our way of life. Fearmongering has convinced many to give the right carte blanche to do whatever they want. I heard a Fox host the other night insist that we would be crazy not to alter the constitution to make it easier to "fight terrorism". Bill O Reilly inferred we would be better off if our laws were more like Britains, If we changed the 4th amendment. Huh? Are these the same people that complained about activist judges? That said that constitutional laws should be "strictly" interpreted? That thought we should not consider foreign law when making constitutional decisions? I guess it's easy to scare them into giving up all they believe in. The scaredy cat fear mongering is at a fever pitch. They want to "cut and run" from our constitution.
If anything was proven this week it is that there are more effective ways to fight the terrorist threat than eternal war. Investigation, footwork and Moslem informants or moles get the job done. Fearmongering makes the population feel weak not empowered.
Our thinking and methods as a country have done more to increase the threat. Staying the course on a failed policy makes no common sense. We need a new course in America. First we must realize that one thing that Bushco says is true. This will be(and has been) with us for a long time. What we are doing now works to Al Quedas'(or whatever you want to call those that would do us harm) favor not ours. War makes more enemies. It scares innocents and makes Osamas' argument that we are out to get them all even more convincing. The idea of fighting them there so we don't have to fight them here should be pretty well debunked now by any reasoning individual.
When the radical republicans demonize Moslems saying they are all evil and the people of that religion must die, who wouldn't be convinced that we have bad intent for Arab peoples? This again fits into Osamas' plans, convincing others to be "home grown" terrorists. The radical right is working perfectly toward the plans of Osamas agenda of jhiad. When it is insisted that we must change our constitution, give up our freedoms and way of life, Osama is rubbing his hands and laughing in his cave. If you don't like the U.S. constitution...well, love it or leave it wingnuts.
We need many Moslems on our side if we ever hope to get a handle on this. Alienated and fearful people will never work to our advantage.
Find the better way. Don't give up your constitution or rights. Don't let them see you as scared. Don't demonize innocents. Policework, investigation, enjoining others to your cause in an effort to marginalize and not maximize their influence.

Addendum: Glenn Greenwald looks at the legal angles.


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