Sunday, July 30, 2006


When a person considered far right just 20 years ago sounds like a moderate today you know the ship has tilted to the right till the water is running over the bough.

He didn't support invading Iraq. He says national security decisions are too often made for political gain. And he maintains that Tom DeLay used legal plunder for the immoral purpose of holding onto power.
A Democrat? No. His name is Richard Viguerie, a conservative icon and key architect of Ronald Reagans 1980 victory.....

...I recount a story of [former House Majority Leader] Tom DeLay (R-TX), late one night after dinner, he wants to light up a cigar and the manager says I'm sorry, Mr. DeLay it's against the law to smoke in a federal building. And DeLay says, I am the federal government.
Viguerie spares little in attacking DeLay.
DeLay is singlehandedly the primary person responsible for the most expansion of the government since [Democratic President] Lyndon Johnson, he remarks. Subsequent research by
RAW STORY revealed that, according to the CATO Institute, President Bush has exceeded Johnson in terms of discretionary spending.....

I opposed the Iraq war, he says. It's just nation building, and it's just, you know, conservatives, true conservatives oppose America going in there, and now that we're in there I don't know how to get out......
Almost the entire leadership in my opinion should be changed, Viguerie says. They're all complicit in the problem. I think conservatives are in the similar position as the biblical Jews who had to wander in the desert for 40 years until the corrupt leaders had passed away. Then they can go to the promised land.

I can't say I agree with everything this guy says. Not by any stretch, but he sure makes more sense than the wingnut pundits and PNACeers that are running the Republican party now. This is the conservative I am use to. They are people that occasionally could make me feel true guilt and even convince me to modify my position now and then. The radical insane asylum candidates and their wingnut robots that go out and repeat their filth today make me feel nothing but pride that I have absolutely nothing in common with them. They disgust me and are a shameful stain on America and all that it USE TO stand for. By the way I see Dick Cheney and Tom Delay as ringleaders in this shameful enterprise.

Update..From someone far more insightful and with a longer memory than I.


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