Saturday, July 30, 2005


Well I'm about to go on assignment for a while. I'll be gone for a few days but I wanted to give you all some good for thought. It is something that I know for a fact is perplexing many. Just what is wrong with these people?

Is it not totally obvious to any true conservative that these guys are at best semi(demi?) conservatives? Bush himself won(?) election the first time saying he was opposed to nation building an I dare say that has been a "traditional republican" point of view. I know, 9/11 changed everything. I guess that's true. Traditional republicans have always opposed high deficit spending and expanded federal spending. Both of which have been done very notable degrees since Bush. I know, 9/11 changed everything. I guess that's true. They used to be for freedom from government intervention but now with Shaivo, patriot act et al they suddenly have given that one up too. I guess 9/11 changed everything. They use to think the government couldn't run the school down the street but now they can transform an entire culture. They are right. 9/11 changed everything. These frickin people are not Republicans! They are corporate globalists. Has there ever been a position they took that didn't favor a corporation in one way or the other? Look for some. It will be worth all the time it takes you to find two or three. Maybe a good lesson for you. Go ahead give it a try.

Does anybody besides the glassy eyed robots believe that we weren't conned into going to Iraq? The problem is the Administration made sure it was our "intelligence agencies" that got left with the blame (and shortly afterward gave Tenet the medal of freedom-afterall what else would you give a guy who falls on the sword). Here's a little red meat for all you righties out there. Who's to say the CIA might be pissed and that's what the whole " Rove Thing" is about? See, I can come up with these faster than you can!!:-) All I need is a few well chosen "facts" to flesh it out. Dudes , I'm sorry to say this but you are being brainwashed. You have only certain media or sources that are acceptable. The rest are all liars. Even worse they are on the side of the horrid green eyed , two toed ,giant, elitist liberal.
Hey don't believe what those guys are saying! That makes you "unamerican".

You conservatives don't even get our jokes when we say" why do they hate (fill in the blank) " and "I guess he hates(fill in the blank) ." Hint: you blow that pile of malarkey out relentlessly. It's one of the major reasons people listen to you and actually get a good laugh. How could you so perfectly do the robot.
Frankly, I would not be suprized to see the CIA thing to be the case. If so then I guess that's just the balance of power working. You blame us and we'll out you don't be blaming us, we did our job!

Ever wonder why all the conservative media talk shows, conservative pundits and politicians and, interestingly enough, Fox news all seem to focus on the same thing on nearly the same day with almost identical wording and talking points?
Why is it you think we are being brainwashed by the media and you aren't? It's laughable, hence my little motto at the top of the page. If you can't take your beloved "facts" and make some rational thought out of them by looking at the world around you, they are worthless.

Is there any doubt that we need alternative energy. We are using fossil fuels. We know how serious this oil thing is going to get. Let's do something about it! Where's the leadership on the most critical issue of our time. I propose if you solve this problem you will solve several others at the same time. We should be giving these corporations tax breaks only to make it easier for them to develop alternative fuel. 5 billion went for that in the energy bill. 9 billion went for "other" tax breaks. Why would a company that is making 30 or 40% profit with less production need a tax break for anything? Unless that might be ....oh....mmmmm......corporate welfare! Palezzzzze spare me all your corporate inspired "facts". Unfortunately for you I still have common sense and the ability to reason and I, on my honor, promise you, I have looked into both sides of the facts if I have a firm viewpoint on the issue. I am what you call an openminded person.

If you don't believe that fighting for peace is better than encouraging war then don't expect anyone but the brainwashed to believe you have seriously Christian viewpoints at the heart of your beliefs. I don't care how many "facts" you can come up with. The rest of all of this is a similar deal. Frankly we are getting mighty tired of arguing the obvious. Can we now get on with making this the America of, by and for the people and not the America of corporate control and cover.


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Blogger Ron said...

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